I’ve been thinking of what kind of blog to write and finally last week it came to me; I was going to say something about classes. I was going to point out how the poor of America – for example – have more in common with the poor of Iraq than we do with the rich of our own country. I was going to say that if the poor of the world colluded and started some sort of class war, a lot more would get accomplished than has in all the wars in history combined. I was going to say that the rich people use the poor people to fight their battles the same way as the rich countries use the poor ones. I was going to say all this and more, but then I thought a bit more; I read some articles and blogs and now I’m weighed down and feeling very disconsolate.

This isn’t any kind of answer or plan of action; it’s more just sharing my feelings about how we’re all fucked. Maybe one day (if the earth is still around) our great-great-great-great grandkid’s great grandkids will have equality, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Every system of government (that I know of anyway) that has ever ruled, has worked for the ruling class. However, I don’t believe there has ever been one, since the beginning of “civilization” where people were actually free or equal- or even close to equal. Where every man, woman, and child had food in their stomach, a roof over their head, and no fear of violence from fellow citizens or the police or government. Maybe when we were all cavemen we understood what life was about much more than we do now that we are civilized.

We can vote for a Republican and hope he does a better job than this administration, but we know he won’t. We can vote for a Democrat and know he (or she) will do a better job than this administration, but nothing will really change for the majority of citizens. We can vote in a centrist or some kind of third party and things will change and we might even see our quality of living improve, but we still won’t be free.

The radicalists on both sides (including myself) say we need a revolution and – after many lives are lost – maybe it would work. But it wouldn’t work for very long, because eventually the new people in power would become corrupt and we would be right back where we started- just look at history. It’s a moot point anyway because the people in power now (and I’m not even talking about the government, but rather the big companies and billionaires) would never relinquish power. Since they are the ones who control the government, and therefore the military, police, courts, and most of the other countries, the little guy (although in the majority) doesn’t stand a chance.

So, I say fuck it. Fuck it all. I was planning on selling my car since it contributes to pollution and I hate giving my money to oil and insurance companies, but fuck that- now I’m going to trade it in for a Hummer, which I’m going to put on 30 inch rims and run over bikers and little cars with. I’m going to take the Hummer through the drive-through at McDonalds, eat half of a McRib and then throw the rest – wrapper and all – out the window, hopefully hitting a worthless homeless person in his dirty, pathetic face. Not only will I not recycle the massive amounts of beer cans I’ll now be consuming, but I’m going to bring all of them – along with other pointless garbage I build up throughout the week – to a park along the creek high up in the mountains and burn it, hopefully starting a forest fire- fuck the ozone layer, it’s likely not even real.

I’m probably not really going to do any of this; for some reason I have an annoying voice in my head telling me that as long as there is a tiny chance that things will change, I can’t give up. I have to think that even if it doesn’t happen while I’m alive, it won’t hurt to be a part of the eventual change. Either that or I’ll waste my whole life trying to change everything and then twenty years after I die the world will be swallowed by the sun, or humankind will blow itself up.


One thought on “We Are Fucked

  1. i’m glad you feel there is still hope; seems something is stirring within the hearts of everyone. (I have hope of that.) I used to the word “revolution” (only because it seemed so far off). I hear it more and more every day by humans of all ages and that gives me peace. And you will not waste your life doing anything -as long as it’s what you believe in.

    i’m struck with some inspiration by this blog -so thanks. We should, indeed sell our car, get better bikes and hope for nice weather.

    I wish i could be as hopeful about paying rent this month…but keep writing dear and something will fall into your lap.

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