Glenn Greenwald writes about what is turning into the hottest news story. The CIA destroyed tapes of them waterboarding (crazy that that’s a verb now) terrorist suspects. They say that they informed congress (specifically Jane Harman) who did nothing beyond writing a letter, politely asking them not to. When I listened to the Thom Hartmann show yesterday, him and Josh Bolton were agreeing (strange) that there might be some kind of coup among intelligence agencies (see the report about Iran also) against the Bush administration. How great would that be?

For a more mainstream view of what happened, check out the NY Times. I always find it interesting to read someone on the far left and then compare it with a “news” article.

The Anonymous Liberal pretty much put me to sleep this morning, as he did yesterday morning, with talk about taxes in Denmark. It seems that he’s arguing (I always love it when bloggers go back and forth) with some other guy that raising taxes in Demark will not make people work less. They tax their workers something like 68%, but also have universal healthcare, great education, amazing infrastructure, and were voted the most progressive something or other in Europe.  Maybe we should study other tax systems for when the dollar completely collapses and we have to move somewhere else to avoid being eaten by wandering cannibalists.

Chris Floyd writes quite short and often full of quote blogs, but he still makes good points. Today he writes about the surge and how it’s all propaganda. I read it yesterday and then just skimmed it this morning, but I think the point is that Bush and Maliki made some kind of deal about US troops always being in Iraq now. I guess it isn’t such a surprise, what with the permanent bases we’re building, but it’s still something that most people don’t know or talk about so it’s probably worth reading about whenever there is something.

The most exciting thing in the Daily Camera today was a very short article about digging for natural gas. Amazingly Environmental groups and hunting advocates are working together to try to stop it. I’m thinking I wouldn’t be too opposed to all this digging if either A- we didn’t have any alternatives to oil, or B- we were close to being a completely oil free world, but just needed a little more until a plan can be implemented.  I was watching an interview with Derrick Jensen yesterday and he said something along the lines of the people who come after us not really caring how hard we tried to stop these things or that we as individuals didn’t drive care or litter- all they’re going to care about is that they have land that they can live on and get food from. Looks like that’s not going to happen.

The Guardian talks about Israel not taking military options off the table when it comes to Iran. Who cares if they don’t have nukes and are years away from building them? Even if you are one of the people who thinks that only certain countries should have nukes – Iran people one of the one’s who shouldn’t – you have to admit that they are still ten years away from building them (if they even plan to), so why not at least try to talk?

Jeremy Scahill has just scared the fuck out of me. If you only have time to read one thing that I have posted so far, read this. It’s all about Blackwater. We all know the fucked up things they have done in the past, but what they are doing now and potentially in the future is terrifying. You can by PJ’s for your kids with their logo, which in my opinion justifies kidnapping. They are bidding for “war on drugs” contracts, homeland security contracts, and border patrol contracts. Scariest of all is that they Special Forces for hire by private or public organizations for things such as “crowd control”. Jesus Christ. I saw on Democracy Now last night, something equally disturbing. I don’t know if anyone remembers the protest at the Blackwater site in Virginia a few months ago. A bunch of demonstrators drove a bullet riddled car up to the front gates and reenacted the shootings of 17 Iraqis. Well, yesterday they were all sentenced to jail time in a closed door hearing. They’re appealing it A- because it’s bullshit and B- because they have the right to a public hearing. Apparently the judge dismissed everyone in the courtroom and then quickly tried and sentenced them. Just in case we’ve forgotten that there is an investigation going on into the shootings, check out Al Jeezera for coverage. It’s good, but what’s going to happen is three or four guards will get a couple years in jail (and probably pardoned when Bush leaves office), but none of the higher ups will be held accountable, and we’ll all forget.

I keep going back and forth between whether or not there is still hope for Burma. Every time I see an article about the situation I get a little excited that people will start paying attention again. This is insane, there are crematoriams with bald heads sticking out, rumors of hundreds or thousands of monks being driven into the forests and killed, hundreds more dying in the prisons from poor treatment. I do not understand what can be done? Iraq and things of that nature are wrong because we are not the police of the world and bombing a place doesn’t always help the citizens, but what are we supposed to do? All wearing red on the same day hasn’t worked.


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