I normally do not like Sundays; no Common Dreams, no Politico, Salon kinda sucks, and most people don’t write Blogs. However, after a Saturday of drinking, smoking, overeating, and rarely leaving the bed, it is a welcome event.

Glenn Greenwald confused me a bit this morning. I’m not sure if his Blog is about the CIA destroying tapes (as he starts it out with), waterboarding in general (as he mentions), or the corruption of Democrats. I think it’s the latter and I think that it shouldn’t surprise us anymore that when faced with an opportunity to deliver a blow to Republicans and/or the administration, they back down. This makes me frustrated mainly because we’re working so hard to get Bush and Cheney in trouble and want Gonzalez and Rove and a whole shitload of others brought up on charges, but then what? Then we replace them with Democrats, who are going to be just as fucked up?

The Anonymous Liberal, Arthur Silber, and Chris Floyd all took the day off- lazy bastards.

The Times had a front page article that I couldn’t get through, trying to prove that Hillary Clinton is part human because she almost cried once; at her best friend’s funeral. They say a lot of people (including videos on youtube) are making fun of her, calling her robotic, just like they did to Mr. Gore back in the day. I’m not sure if any of the candidates – or any politicians for that matter – are real people. I wonder if it would help or hurt them if they came across like that. Parents aren’t real people when they’re raising you, teachers aren’t real people when they’re teaching, cops aren’t real people when they’re at work; so if someone kept it real, it would probably hurt.

I’m a little confused about the whole CIA destroying tapes fiasco. This article in the New York Times doesn’t do anything to make things simpler, but it’s still good reading. Did they destroy the tapes because they were going to get in trouble? Did congress know about it and do nothing? Did the president know? Did he order it? Why is it coming out now, right after the thing with Iran not having any weapons? It seems like everything is collapsing for the White House, but I’m pretty sure it has seemed like that before. Imagine if the media all did their jobs; imagine if we had some third party that was taking charge right now and saying, “we’re going to investigate the shit out of both major parties”. Oh well, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

Huge disaster in South Korea, as two tanks of oil spilled all over the shore. As if that isn’t bad enough, it was in an are with 100’s of sea farms who will now be put out of business, possibly for years.  Part of me feels like a hypocrite- I sit here and read this article and get sad at all these poor people, and angry at the oil companies who are probably going to blame it on someone or something else, and then I get in my car and drive back down the mountain- probably stopping for gas on the way. Do we have the right to be angry at stuff like this, if we’re part of the population that’s contributing to it?

This proves that Iraq has a better idea of what democracy is than we – the country who is forcing it down their throats – do. First of all, they have more than a two party system. Most importantly, when they strongly disagree about something (especially something their constituents also feel strongly about) they don’t just hang their heads and acquiesce, they do something to prove a point. Now, they’re even taking a nonviolent, civil disobedience approach; maybe we have some stuff to learn.

That’s that (I need a clever signing off statement).


2 thoughts on “Blogs and Articles for December 9th, 2007

  1. “That’s that (I need a clever signing off statement).”

    …seems clever enough

    I love your blog idea but here in lies the only flaw..I, personally don’t feel like commenting on each paragraph/article so you’ll have to settle for only one or two. Here goes…

    You don’t think that the last 4 out of 5 presidents (the odd being bush sr.) won their status through their folksy realism? I would argue that it’s that southern “aw shucks maam”’ personality that tugs on our heartstrings and makes us seem to inherently want to trust them is what gets them elected..especially these days when apathy is the most common response to political ambition. Shrub may not have really won..but half of the voting country still voted for him and I hope to god (mine and his) that it wasn’t because he was the smarter, more capable of the two candidates.

  2. You don’t have to comment on each paragraph- I meant to just comment on what you read and agree or disagree with.
    I think this Bush, Carter, and Clinton’s religion played a huge part in getting them elected. Bush got re-elected because people were afraid of another terrorist attack, and he somehow convinced them that he would stop it.
    You are right though, I think a lot of people voted for Bush and Clinton because they seemed like guys you could have a beer (or blow a line) with. I wouldn’t mind having a beer with Bush- he’s a pretty big baseball fan.
    Unfortunately, none of them are human. You go spend a few years as a politician and see how you turn out.

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