December 10, 2007

It’s Monday, my drinking binge is over, the weekend getaway is finished, and I have a bunch of stuff due today that I haven’t really started on. Still, I woke up to see that the world continues and news has been sent to my inbox. I enjoy to start things off with a little comedy, because that’s how we roll on the left.

Glenn Greenwald has six mini-blogs within his blog today. The first three are pretty good; the first two being about the Democrats complicity over the whole CIA tape destroying controversy. It’s quite a twisted ordeal, the Democrats who are in charge of investigating it have ties to it, and are giving the worst excuses on why they are doing nothing. Even worse than that is first the media will buy it and then the US people will for the most part stop asking questions. Topic three is a video about Noam Chomsky’s failure to be on any real TV shows- it makes me fall back in love with the old Noamster.

Chris Floyd continues down the ‘Democrats are no better than Republicans” road in his well written blog. He point out the specifics of the bill that the Democrats are about to pass, extending the funding for the gold mine in Iraq. The more I read the angrier I get. I try to tell myself that there’s no way I can stand up, walk outside this morning, and change things, but it’s of no avail. The Democrats are making money off the war, the Democrats will make money from bombing Iran, the Democrats knew about torture and the CIA tapes, so there is no way they’ll ever do anything about any of this.  This idea that I’ve been developing in my head has something to do with forming a new government before throwing the old one out. It’s part of the whole, if you don’t recognize their power, they don’t have power routine. I’m not sure how it works, but maybe one day.

I know some of us don’t like him, but Arthur Silber composes another great piece today. Sure, it’s annoying to be told the things that he says in the way that he says them, but who cares? He starts out by saying the same thing that Floyd and Greenwald said about the Democrats not being the less of the two evils, but then goes a little deeper. He quotes a book written by a former German soldier, talking about teaching people what is going on and how eventually it’s too late. Silber seems to think it’s too late now. He makes a valid point in the end (which Floyd also quotes) when he says that if you vote for the Democrats, knowing that they are pro-war, condone torture, and answer to the same bosses as the Republicans, then you are just as evil as the German citizens who would see the train loads of Jews go by and not do anything. Imagine there were bloggers in the early 1930’s.

All these blogs were based on a story that came out yesterday in the Washington Post. It is all about the people who knew about torture, the people who knew that the CIA was going to destroy evidence, and yet couldn’t speak out because they took a “secrecy oath”. Come on! If someone gave me a secrecy oath and then showed me tapes of people torturing other people, I believe I would – especially if I was a public servant – find it almost impossible to not break said oath. These people are truly inhuman.

If you only have a minute to read today, then check out the Anonymous Liberal, who writes a very short blog. The topic is mind blowing and idea shattering- Rudy Giuliani thinks that homosexuality is wrong, and compares it to adultery. I’m shocked that a Republican candidate is against homosexuality. What’s next, is he going to speak out against troop withdrawal? Will he support the bombing of Iran? Stay tuned for more updates.

I didn’t think I would get too depressed about the church shootings but I guess all life is precious. The things I find the most disturbing are Bill Ritter’s quote that I took to mean a church shooting is somehow sadder than a shooting of heathens, and the fact that a church has an armed guard and 7,000 worshipping. The message of the week (and Christmas is the perfect time for this message too) is don’t go to church, missionary training schools, or the mall.

I didn’t have time to read Al Jazeera this morning, but should I get time throughout the day I’ll read some stuff for tomorrow. Maybe my sign off statement (although I’m pretty sure I’m averaging like 1.5 hits per day- and 1 of them is me) should have something to do with knowing being something or other.


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