How much longer do people keep supporting Democrats just because they aren’t Republicans? Late last night, while no one was watching, the house passed a bill giving the president $189 billion for the war; along with another five or so hundred for other military things. So far, the only reporting I’ve seen on it has been on Yahoo. The problem we are facing (and the Democrats know this) is that putting our support behind third party candidates means that more Republicans will get elected. When it comes to the war and catering to corporations, there is really no difference- no matter who we have in office we are going to be in Iraq and Afghanistan (and probably Iran) for years and years to come and the rich will continue to get richer. However, while electing a Republican might teach the Democrats a lesson, what about things like women’s rights, gay rights, and other things where Democrats and Republicans are really different? Maybe my slogan can be, “we’re fucked, lets give up.”

We have all had our phases where we were (or still are) curious as to what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex. Never have I wanted to be a woman as much as I do now, after reading yet about yet another code pink plan. At the SFPJ meeting yesterday, we spoke about doing something like this- targeting Democrats, but it was pretty much shot down because of the fear of Republicans. I think the way they’re trying to do it on a congressional level while still supporting a Democrat for president might have a little something to it. We have to change things on a small level – first local government, then state, then congress, and so on – before we can ever hope to effect great change. Maybe it’s time to get a sex change operation.

Speaking of starting at a local level, Stacy Mitchell tells us about the benefits of spending our money at local businesses. They hire local delivery companies, bank at local banks, use local accountants, probably live in town and spend their profits there, and so on. One of the main reasons that Republicans and Democrats are so alike is because the same corporations own them. If we all spent our money (when possible) at local businesses, eventually the corporations would be driven out of town after town and start losing some of the influence they have over our government. Boulder has so many book stores, clothing places, restaurants, and other locally owned businesses- why go to the mall?

It’s amusing to me that the A.L. titles his blog A Pointless Exercise. While war funding is making us all suffer, CIA tapes are being destroyed, and the US economy is collapsing, He writes a blog focusing on (mostly stuff other people wrote about) how Barrack Obama would be beat up by the Republicans because of his cocaine comment. Who cares?

It could be worse I guess. As if Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, and Palestine weren’t making the Middle East look bad enough, Lebanon is pretty fucked up; they haven’t had a president for almost a month, people keep getting assassinated, they get attacked by Israel every now and then, and they are dividing other countries throughout the region. Maybe my signoff should be, “it could be worse.”

And it also could be better. I don’t know much about the European Union, but it seems like such a great thing- so much better than the United Nations is for the world. I think it would be great if Central and South America could form some kind of Latin Union and the Middle East could do something also. If that happened, all of a sudden the power of the US would shrink dramatically and quickly. I’m not saying that I want the US to collapse, but if there were other giant, powerful, groups out there maybe we (I hate to say we, but we are a part of it if we aren’t stopping it) wouldn’t roam about so destructively.

Today I have read numerous blogs, Salon, Common Dreams, the Daily Camera, the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and other random things. Not one of the mentioned anything about the bill to continue the funding and the one place that did (freaking Yahoo, which I received in an email) does not even mention the bill number or anything specific enough to google and read it. I seriously don’t understand why people are not out in the streets, refusing to go to work, refusing to pay taxes, demanding that innocent people stop getting tortured and killed every single minute in our names. This is not going to stop until we make it stop. Obedience is Servitude.


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