I don’t know how coherent this blog will be today (if it ever is), as I got three and a half hours sleep after drinking massive amounts. However, nothing can stop me from reading everything I can every morning, and luckily Silber, the Liberal, and Chris Floyd all took the day off while Common Dreams and the Politico sleep away their Sundays. The Republicrats are close to giving the telephone companies complete amnesty not only for when they spied on Americans after 9/11, but also before then during the “war on drugs”. Mr. Greenwald points out how this is just another step of us falling into a tyranny. He points out that we have fought plenty against oppressive regimes, and the main examples we used of their oppressiveness were – among others – torture, spying, and secret prisons; all of which the US government is doing now, without an oppositional party to keep things in check. The mainstream media, whose job is to expose things like this, instead write regurgitated articles like the one in the NY Times, which doesn’t even mention the fact that the guy from Qwest who refused to cooperate then had charges pressed against him for an unrelated incident and is now out of work.  It does however, make it known that despite all the rhetoric that we need to protect our country from terrorists, this has been going on since the 90’s and the first time Qwest refused was actually early 2001. What’s going to happen when all these companies get amnesty, and then the homegrown terror act is passed?

The combination  of my eyes burning and there not being much to read today, leaves me with a tiny two paragraph blog. Hopefully (assuming the plane doesn’t blow up in the nor’easter) tomorrow I will be back with a vengeance.


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