After a few delays and a hellish landing (while watching the Giants play like a bunch of mentally retarded paraplegics) I am here in New Jersey and ready to write the East Coast version of my blog.  Since my home state is the butt of many jokes, I’ll start things off with this modern world so we can all laugh as we fall straight into the fiery pits of hell.

And now back to reality- we all know about the Protect America bill, the bill that will give the telecommunication companies amnesty on all the spying they’ve done on us for the past however many years. The Anonymous Liberal wrote a good and short blog about what’s going on; Chris Dodd (my new (Democrat) hero) plans on filibustering the bill when it’s put on the floor today. I believe that as of now he only has two supporters from his party, neither of which are running for president. This probably won’t work, but maybe the other Dems will see that Dodd doesn’t get hung by voters for sticking up for our rights, and will follow suit. Probably not. A.L. also pointed out something that I did not know, something that did something to me that I didn’t think was possible- something that made me lose even more respect for the Democrats; Bush had tried to pass laws making all this wiretapping and whatnot perfectly legal a few years ago, and it was shot down by the Republican controlled congress- I don’t even know what to say about that. The “opposing party” is doing things to help the most unpopular president in history, things that the presidents own party wouldn’t even do.

Among all the corruption going on in our government, the war in Iraq, the worsening war in Afghanistan, and the impending war with Iran certain things slip by us. One of these things is what’s going on in Somalia. I remember reading about the US sending troops in there to help Ethiopia take out the Fundamentalist government, but the papers made it seem like a good thing and then stopped covering it. Chris Floyd quotes a few articles and gives his own couple cents on the issue today. It seems that the area is quickly becoming Africa’s most horrendous area- which is huge, considering that Darfur is also located on the continent. I wonder if there is any area anywhere in the world that isn’t being affected (mostly negatively) by the Hegemony of the United States.

I wonder that, and then I read an article about Turkey bombing the Kurds. It seems to be just beef between Turkey and the Kurds, but in reality if it came down to it, the US has Turkey’s back. In order to continue their never-ending war for control of the Middle East, the US needs Turkey’s airspace. Until the US thinks of another way to get into Iraq and Afghanistan, Turkey can go ahead to do whatever they please to whoever they please, and the US is not going to do a damn thing about it.

The telecommunications companies would get amnesty under any of the mainstream candidates running for president. We would keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan under any of the mainstream candidates. We will probably (at least) keep threatening Iran and interfering with the rest of the world under any of the mainstream candidates. This is why – although I won’t vote for him – I can’t help but get a little excited whenever Ron Paul breaks fundraising records, which he did for the second time yesterday. Although no one is giving him a chance, he appears to have raised more money than any other Republican for this quarter. If only he would just call himself a Libertarian and save his money for when the real race starts. Instead, he has repeatedly stated that he has no intention of running unless he gets the Republican nomination, which still seems like a long shot.

We should have some kind of poll here; we can guess the time of the US’s downfall or who will take over. If Hugo Chavez can unite Latin America, then maybe they have a chance. I don’t think this will happen. There is no way that the US will ever be defeated by force, as more money is spent on the military here than the next bunch of countries combined. However, Russia – still with the taste of being an Empire in their mouths – is stepping up to the plate. Bin Laden has stated that his goal is to bankrupt the US. The war in the Middle East, borrowing shit loads of money from China, and bankrolling who knows how many guerilla groups throughout the world may help to do this. The straw that breaks the camels back may be another arms race with our old buddies.


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