Have you ever gone to see a comedian and you’re in the mood to laugh and forget about your problems for a half hour or so? Has the comedian ever come out and started talking about how much life sucks because doctors just found another tumor inside his wife? I hope not, but that’s what happened when I opened up the comic strip of the day today. Hopefully it’s not a sign of what’s to come.

My attitude towards making changing has been pretty poor as of late (as compared to my usual see-saw attitude). I was on the verge of writing a letter to be read at tonight’s Students For Peace and Justice meeting, either resigning from or trying to block the camping against Udall event. The FISA bill being temporarily defeated yesterday helped a little to get me back on the right path, but I was still torn as to what to do. Reading Glenn Greenwald today helped make up my mind. He sort of gives us a timeline from when Rockefeller and Cheney drew up the bill giving the telecommunications companies retroactive immunity until yesterday when a handful of senators (with a shitload of grassroots support) made a difference. It was about as grassroots as it gets; bloggers talked about the bill the day it came out, then – partially from the advice of a commenter (which I still don’t seem to have) – a bunch of them started a group email about what to do. It was decided that they would pick a senator (who ended up being Chris Dodd), all write blogs encouraging their readers to bombard his office with emails, call, and faxes, and see what happened. Sure enough, Dodd’s email, voicemail, and fax machine all got stuffed and the same day that the blogs came out, he decided to do something about it. There is more to it – especially involving Joe Klein’s article in Time, which you can get to through Greenwald’s blog – but it is definitely inspiring.

I’m very curious as to what the Anonymous Liberal’s obsession with Mike Huckabee is. Today he wrote another blog about his Republican hero, this time taking back what he said about Huck having a chance. AL says that the only chance Huck has is if the Republican base can’t pick a candidate to rally around, thereby leaving the field completely open. As of right now, it’s looking like McCain is enjoying the favoritism of most Republicans. I’m starting to think that Giuliani doesn’t really have a chance; on Monday, the wife and I visited my grandparents – two of the most racist people I have ever had conversations with in my life, the exhibit real anger when talking about how black people are trying to take over the world and Obama is a crazy Muslim – who informed us that Giuliani is too crazy to ever lead our country. If they won’t vote for him, I can’t see middle of the road Republicans pressing the button next to his name either.

Sorry to be all — today, but that’s the way it’s being reported. Just when we begin our celebration over the minor victory achieved yesterday, the FCC sneaks behind our backs and commits an act that will surely lead to the downfall of our democracy. Yesterday (or maybe it was the day before) they voted 3-2 to make it easier for people to own multiple major news sources in one area. The most important tool in keeping our freedom is the knowledge of what our “elected” leaders are up to. The only way this happens is if we have pundits who are out there – regardless of where their allegiance lies – uncovering the truth at all costs. The newspapers, TV news, and Internet news should be some of the only areas that are completely not for profit. Instead, by allowing a single person to own multiple sources, they are becoming completely about the money. If someone owns a bunch of newspapers who are getting a shitload of advertising from ExxonMobil for example, and there is a story about corruptness of President Bush, which – if reported correctly – would lead to his impeachment, what would they do? Reporting something like that about Mr. Oil himself that would lead to his oust and the public’s anger might lead to a not-so-friendly president towards ExxonMobil, who might then drop their advertising, causing the Rupert Murdochs of the world to lose money. Noam Chomsky wrote a book about all this that explains it much better than I ever can, but I can’t remember what it’s called.

So…much…news. The NY Times is reporting that some White House lawyers (including the infamous Fredo and Harriet Meirs) might not only have known about the CIA tapes, but recommended their destruction. This is going to get bigger and bigger, more and more investigations will be done, more and more people in the White House (probably including Cheney and Bush) will be implemented, we will get excited for the upcoming impeachment, and then it will die down because the Democrat’s hands “will be tied.”

Today I’m getting a massage and so I must leave the shore, drive my mom up to North Jersey, take a bus into Manhattan, take a train up to the Upper East Side to my aunt’s, and then walk to the West Side. Therefore, my blog stops here.


2 thoughts on “Blogs and Articles for December 19

  1. I will comment on the Glenn Greenwald because it makes me kind of start to have a little tiny bit of hope that we actually do have some chance for a truly democratic society. And Harry Reid -what a douche bag- said they “didn’t have enough time to finish the job,” that it had nothing to with “the efforts of Dodd and his allies.” Ha! And the end makes me want to do something, “All of it stemmed from the spontaneous passion and anger of hundreds of thousands of individuals demanding that telecoms be subject to the rule of law like everyone else. And this effort could have been — and, with this additional time, still can be — much bigger and stronger still.” Seriously, we think that there is nothing we can do and feel defeated when (after the effort) our congressman will push a bill to congratulate a bunch of jocks rather than do something that would really mean something. I don’t know, but you are right this article is inspiring. This morning, it has helped me “invoke the magic of drala,” as my dear scumbag leader suggests.

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