As a country we seem to love lists to tell us what the best and worst thing are, especially when the end of the year rolls around. Boulder, Colorado is really obsessed with them; just walk into any store and I bet you find something hanging on the wall proclaiming them in the top ten of something in the city. On a positive note, Students For Peace and Justice protesting John Ashcroft at CU was number seven on one of those lists. On a funny note, comics!

I’ve been working very hard to figure out some real differences between Democrats and Republicans; things that make them different enough to truly be called opposing parties. So far I haven’t been able to do this- I’ve come to the conclusion that at most they are at different ends of the same party. However, they do make me feel different. The Democrats tend to make me angry; probably just because they present themselves as the party of change, the party of education, the party of peace, and the party for the working person, but in reality they are none of these. While the Republicans also often make my blood boil, there is something stronger than that and I hadn’t been able to figure out what it was. Reading Glenn Greenwald talk more about the surveys that were sent to all the candidates (which I – courtesy of the Anonymous Liberal – talked about yesterday) make me recognize that the feeling is fear. These right-wing people have been making so much money over the past twenty something years that it has become boring; the only thing left is absolute power. Greenwald focuses mostly on Mitt Romney in his latest blog and paints him (using Romney’s own answers) as a bit of a power hungry psychopath. I thought Romney was all about women’s right and gay marriage a few years ago- to make such a dramatic 180 seems a bit nutty.  Saying things like Our most basic civil liberty is the right to be kept alive” is beyond a bit nutty; it’s enough to make me want to start planning today for either my escape, or the coup if it begins to look like this guy even stands a chance at becoming our next leader.

However, at the core of things the parties are the same; the Democrats will claim to do one thing while doing another, the Republicans will say they have the right to do whatever they want, but they will both continue to give money to countries like Pakistan without worrying too much about how it’s being spent. Pakistan has received billions of (our tax) dollars over the past six years to help fight the “War On Terror”, but it hasn’t exactly been working. Pakistan has had a record number of suicide bombings, their border area with Afghanistan is in disarray, their leader is squashing the rights of his people, and they are harboring Bin Laden. There is also the rampant corruption- they are supposed to be spending the money on training and supplies, but soldiers are fighting in the mountainous snow areas wearing sandals, using WWI helmets and 20year old guns that contain 10 rounds of ammo. It has been proven that not only are they not even buying certain equipment, but they are also using some of the money in their ongoing battle with India. Yet, no matter which party gets into office next, this will continue because we need as many allies as we can get in the Middle East and if it means that we have to blindly give them a shitload of money every year and suffer in our education, health care and other important social programs, then so be it.

Not only are they stealing our tax dollars to fatten their pockets and further their agenda with India, they are also doing nothing to stop the extremists from doing whatever they want. I have a feeling that after the new year shit is really going to hit the fan in Pakistan, Lebanon, South Turkey, and a lot of our other “allies”.

It’s the holiday season and it’s a time to be happy, but we should still at least be aware of the sorrows of the world. So, this Christmas before you sit in your warm apartment or house, open up all your gifts, and overeat remember people like this. Sorry this is so short, but not much happened I guess (that, and I smoked way too much yesterday).

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