In my last day visiting home (before I drank way too much which lead to me now feeling like throwing up all over the airport floor) the wife and I saw a play- Rock and Roll Revolution. While I thought it a fine piece of performance with a great soundtrack, it made me a bit depressed; I can’t help but feel that things will probably never change too much and that all theories for a better society get lost somewhere in the translation from theory to reality. I’m pretty sure democracy is not supposed to be the two-party system we are stuck with today; the only person even talking about running on a “third” party ticket is Michael Bloomberg who is as much an independent as Joe Lieberman claims to be. Glenn Greenwald calls him Rudy Giuliani with a couple billion dollars to spend, and it’s true- the guy is a business man, which is something we definitely do not need more of in the White House.

                Not only is our party system completely off the wall, but the way a nominee gets chosen is also a little bit on the strange side. In the race to be the Democratic nominee there is a virtual tie between Clinton, Edwards, and Obama. As the Anonymous Liberal points out in his blog today, whoever wins in Iowa will likely get a giant bump in their numbers and go on to win the nomination. The Democrats will decide who represents our country for the next 4 to 8 years simply by what a small percentage of people in a pretty small state say; eleven months before the actual elections. The nominee will be pretty much decided approximately eight months before this years Democrat Nation Convention in Denver. What is the point of having a convention if a candidate is already chosen? They might as well just give me the millions they will spend on renting out the center, paying police and security, advertising, accommodations, and so on and I’ll throw them all a party for much cheaper.

                Things in Pakistan have taken a strange turn, as the son of Benazir Bhutto has been chosen to take over the Pakistan People’s Party, formerly run by Ms. Bhutto. The kid is 19, has spent hardly any time in Pakistan (he was raised mostly in Dubai and is currently in school at Oxford) and has no political experience. Does this make him any less able to fulfill the duties than any of the candidates we have running in the United States? I think not. He is being used mostly for his name anyway, and chances are that even if his party comes to power he will finish his degree before taking over. Elections are still scheduled to go on as planned – on January 8th – and I am very interested to see what is going to happen.

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