I’m not sure how many people listen to Dan Carlin, although it probably isn’t that many since he is never mentioned in any blogs or radio shows that I read and listen to. He does a podcast that comes out every week and a half or two weeks, and not only does he usually talk about pretty interesting topics, but he does it in a (usually) non-partisan fashion. Part of this weeks show – obviously – was about the presidential race over the past few weeks. He uses the metaphor of food to talk about the mainstream candidates and what they have said up to this point in the races. He compares the people of this country to a bunch of fat people who are addicted to junk food, and the candidates are cake pushers. They all go on stage and – even though it is obvious that we should be replacing all our junk food with vegetables – promise us that if we vote for them, they will give us all the cake we can eat. We know that we need vegetables, and secretly we hope that once they get elected they will force the broccoli and string beans down our throats, but we won’t vote for someone who is telling us what we really need. It is the brainwashed (or brain dead) mainstream media watching masses that walk around in a coma and only think about themselves and what will make them happy in the next five minutes, who are going to decide who our next president is going to be. Anyone who dares stand behind that podium and promise us things that we know we need and we know are for the greater good of mankind, but would require sacrifices is considered crazy and dismissed instantly. That’s why Chris null dropped out and why the networks are trying their null not to allow Dennis null or Ron Paul to even take place in the debates. We all know deep down inside that we would be better off as a world with the policies that null and Paul set forward, but we don’t want to hear it because maybe then our consciences would force us to do the right thing. What ever happened to doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, or putting others before ourselves- the things that all the major religions preach? Instead, we want to elect a president who will keep those crazy brown people as far away from us as possible. We want the next president to keep giving us tax cuts, even if it means that in the long term our school system will fall even farther into the null, more bridges and buildings will start to collapse, we will never be able to retire, and eventually the dollar will be so week that we will be forced to vacation in the jungles of Columbia.

                One of my favorite writers of the present – Chris Hedges – wrote another magnificent article. He wrote about the legacy of George W Bush; a legacy of torture, murder, unjust wars, recession, and hate breeding. Bush traveled through the Middle East this past week in an attempt to get something positive done before he fades away into just a horrible memory. He tried to drum up support for a new war with Iran (which no one but Israel even comes close to supporting) and promised that one day there would be thoughts about having talks to make peace between Israel and Palestine. Although his definition of peace does not compare with what the rest of the world things it is. I wonder what goes through his head when he gets asked a question about all the horrible things he’s doing or when he sees his approval ratings (not only in the US, but throughout the world), or – especially – when he lays down to go to bed at night. Does he really believe that Jesus helped him win the election and his god is helping him destroy whole countries of people; including the poor in his home country? Does he have visions of the mass graves being dug up in Iraq or the little children lying dead on the side of the road in Palestine because they threw a small rock at a tank? What about the people around him; does Laura agree with what he does; and if not, does she nag him about it? Will he have a moment of realization 20 years from now as he’s laying on his deathbed, that he is responsible for millions of deaths?

                Congress comes back from their long holiday break today, and they have quite a few issues to deal with; the top one (in my opinion, anyway) is more money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before break, the Democrats assumed their natural position – fully bent over, pants pulled down, and hands wrapped around their ankles – as they approved even more money than Bush asked for. Despite winning, George Bush had the audacity to veto the bill (although his method of vetoing – and whether it was actually legal or not – is under discussion) because it contained something that he didn’t like- and he is the decider. It would seem the Democrats – who, in case anyone has forgotten, have control on both houses – have the perfect opportunity to stand up to the administration and refuse to pass anything else. However, they are saying they will agree to almost anything; they just want it to go away, so they can focus on other things that are more important. Other things the Democrats will back down on in the next couple weeks include children’s health care (S-CHIP) and immunity for the phone companies. I was just wondering to myself the other day why I haven’t gotten angry with the Democrats in the past couple weeks; apparently I forgot that they were on break. Maybe that’s why they take breaks that are so long and so often; so the public has a chance to forget their anger.

                There was no reported violence in Kenya yesterday as things moved from the streets into the Parliament. Although ‘losing’ the election, the Orange Democratic Party and their leader null null, still control 99 of 222 seats; the highest amount. null null ‘s Party of National Unity holds 43, but also the presidency. The argument yesterday was based on whether or not to elect the speaker via secret ballot or to make everyone’s votes known. Although it has always been done by secret ballot, ODM believes that PNU is more than capable of stealing a vote and therefore wants everything to be out in the open; eventually the vote was held by secret ballot. Things seem like the will continue this way for the foreseeable future as null now says he has no plans to negotiate when former US Secretary General null null comes for a visit. In other news, today should be the first day of three straight (hopefully peaceful) protests by null and the ODM.

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One thought on “Too much cake, Bush fading into oblivion, Congress returns and Kenya prepares for protests

  1. Why all those “nulls” throughout this posting? It seems every time you tried to say someone’s name, there is a null instead, i.e. in your first paragraph: “That’s why Chris null dropped out.” Weird, are you being censored?

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