The number of people claiming that the events of 9/11 were inside job seems to grow by the day. I still haven’t made up my mind as to what I believe because I haven’t done too much research. The reason I haven’t done much research is because I’m scared to find out what might be out there; if it turned out that it really was inside job – that our government planned and executed the attacks that killed thousands of people and led to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and who knows where else – I honestly don’t know what I would do. Whether it was planned or not, it worked out pretty well for George W Bush and the Republicans; they were able to implement a plan they had been working on since the days of the first Bush president. Not only that, but they have been able to continue to rule through fear- Rudy Giuliani’s entire political career is based on the fact that he was the mayor of New York City on September 11th, 2001. Since the attacks, there have been a large number of other attacks that have been foiled; almost all of them have come at politically advantageous times for the Republicans, and almost all of them have been pretty much made up. There has never been a real imminent attack broken up; never has there been actual bombs or even the ingredients needed to make bombs, yet every few months – just in time for an election, convention, or to head off a scandal – we read about some plot being foiled. There is a blog today by someone I have never read – the Winter Patriot – explaining why a few of these so called planned terrorist attacks would have been impossible. Not only that, but how often do we actually hear about any of the suspects after they have been arrested and we’ve been saved from another atrocity? We are being lied to by our government and the mainstream media on an almost daily basis and yet we continue to eat it up like a fat guy at a buffet after a bong hit.

                Sometimes being deceived does not necessarily mean being lied to; it could mean having information withheld from us. The job of the media is to give the public – the average citizen who does not have the money or time to fly to Iraq, Afghanistan or even Washington DC and see what is really going on – the truth. When things are going on in Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, and secret prisons throughout the world and the mainstream media is doing almost nothing to bring it to our attention, there is a problem. When we turn on CNN or pick up a copy of our local newspaper, we should be reading front-page stories about the people who are being held without charges for years or secretly dying in a prison that they should not even be in in the first place; there should not be a picture of Brittany Spears. It is not only the media’s fault – obviously, if we really wanted the information there are ways of finding it – but these are people who are being paid to keep us in the know and they are not doing their jobs. Maybe the problem is that they are being paid by faceless corporations who are making money from selling advertising in their newspapers to other faceless corporations who don’t want our current system to suffer. No matter what the problem is, the fact remains that there is a dilemma and it’s not going to change on it’s own. Rupert Murdock is not going to wake up one morning and decide that he has been neglecting his duty to give the men and women who read his papers and watch his channels the truth. It is up to us – as I’ve said dozens of times in the past – to force him and the rest of the owners and reporters to do their jobs and give us facts.

                Protests in Kenya, being led by opposition party head Raila Odinga have begun this morning. While police have immediately turned to violent measures – firing not only tear gas, but also bullets into the crowd – the protests have not yet reacted with the same. One protester has been killed so far and it is not reported how many injuries have occurred. As long as the protests continue to be nonviolent, the Orange Democratic Party (the party in which Odinga heads) will be winning. Obviously nonviolent protests – while an integral part to winning their demands – cannot be the only means used by Odinga; there has to be a political aspect as well. After much debate yesterday about how to go about electing a speaker, the votes have been counted and the representative from ODM – Kenneth Marende – has come out victorious. The only thing left to add in order for victory to be attained, is talks between Odinga and the current ‘president’ Mwai Kibaki. However, that may not happen any time soon, as Kofi Annan – who was expected to arrive in Kenya yesterday – has postponed his trip after falling ill.

                It seems that despite the mass amount of propaganda the George Bush and his administration have been spreading throughout the Middle East, most Arab countries have been increasing the strength of their ties with Iran. Even if it isn’t obvious to the average citizen of the US, Arabs can see the immorality of Bush quite clearly. They have seen the United States prop up oppressive regimes for years now and are not buying the rhetoric being spewed about Iran being the greatest threat to international security. Not only are most Arab countries trying their hardest to convince the US not to start another war, they actually admire Iran for being the only Middle Eastern country to consistently stand up to the United States, no matter what the consequences. Courage is contagious and the more the US government lies, kills, and tortures in order to have its plan for global hegemony furthered, the more these other countries will begin to rise up in defiance.

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One thought on “We Are Being Lied To

  1. This goes nicely with every conspiracy theory since the Lincoln assasination. In our society we relish the conspiracy because it makes it more interesting and after a time we begin to believe what we have concocted. I respect everyone’s opinion and while we should always question the motives and direction of our policy makers we should also take the time to “tap the brakes” and think about what we are suggesting. In the climate of our culture, no amount of evidence supporting the attack by the hijackers will ever satisfy the people who simply WANT it to be an inside job. There’s a group who will tell you flat out that there was no moon landing and that Roosevelt allowed Pearl Harbor to happen to suit his needs. We live in the National Enquirer world here and the shear scope of activities that it would take to plan, execute and cover up such a monumental tragedy is only plausible through another Oliver Stone extravaganza. We’re better than that.

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