Another state has made their choice about which Democrat they want to represent them, and once again it is Hilary Clinton. I don’t know what to think of this, but my gut tells me to be afraid. I feel like Clinton is someone who the right wing truly despises and therefore all the Republicans who are sick of their party still wouldn’t cross the lines. There are also a lot of left-wingers who – because of her stance on the war in Iraq and the potential war in Iran among other things – would not vote for her. I am very frustrated with the Democratic Party (and the whole two party system in general) but might be able to be convinced to vote for Obama. The amount of mudslinging that has gone on from Hilary’s camp over the past couple weeks in Nevada is sickening; how is she supposed to unite our country if she cannot even be civil to her fellow party members? However, I don’t think we should be too afraid yet; she still has only a slim lead over Obama (with Edwards slowly fading into oblivion) and there are still quite a few states left for a comeback. After Obama took Iowa and had (what appeared to be) a big lead in New Hampshire, people were saying that Hilary was done, and look where she is now.

                If one of these candidates demanded impeachment hearings and constantly brought them up in speeches, they might get my vote. If any of these candidates demanded hearings concerning the attorney firings, the lies that got us into Iraq, the missing emails, the destroyed CIA tapes, the Valerie Plame case, or one of 100 other crimes that have occurred during the past seven years, they would get my vote. However, none of them are talking about anything important, none of them have plans to hold anyone accountable; none of them are talking about any kind of real positive change. Something comes up – right now it’s the thousands of missing emails and the lies about the Iran speedboats – people make some noise about it, and then it quietly fades away into nothing. These guys (and girl) are all cut from the same mold; some are a little bit to the right, some are a bit to the left, some sit dead center, but none of them give two shits about cleaning up government or holding murders and thieves accountable. They know that if they do speak up –in interviews, debates, or speeches – any chance they have of receiving good press and thereby support of the idiot masses will simply vanish.

                I have been fooled. A few days ago I read an article on Politico.com where they said the major anti-war groups were backing off their pressures to actually end the war and were instead going to focus on making sure that the US doesn’t have troops in Iraq forever. I wrote about it in my blog and I got very angry at all these fake groups who were just giving up because they didn’t seem to be making any progress. Today in the Huffington Post, Tom Andrews (the national director of Win With War) denies this report and says none of the major groups will be backing off one inch. Although I don’t think the groups will make any difference unless they all join together and start some kind of third party, at least they will continue to push hard to try and stop the murdering of innocent Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, and US soldiers. I don’t donate money to anyone (except maybe the occasional homeless person who guilts me into it) but if I did, it would be to an anti-war group rather than a political candidate.

                Also, there’s an Op-Ed in the liberal NY Times today from a former Navy guy, talking about how we should bomb Iran now in order to save ourselves from a bigger war later.

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