It’s pretty obvious that no matter whom the Democrats end up nominating, the Republicans will fill the airwaves with lies and smearing. However – as the Anonymous Liberal through quoting Hilzoy points out – there is a lot more to be said about Hilary Clinton than the other candidates. A lot of people have a lot of strong feelings towards Hilary; a lot of people (on the left as well, but mostly on the right) actually hate her with a passion, and have for years. Republicans have been planning their attack since the first rumors five or six years ago, that one day she might run for president. Hilzoy also points out that since most people remember the eight years of Clinton rule that this country already had, they will remember the feeling of sleaziness that is associated with that name, and therefore the attacks against her will be more believable. I’m not sure how much I believe this because Obama is relatively new to the political scene and there are a lot of people out there who believe that he is a secret Muslim who went to a Muslim school, got sworn in on the Koran, and refuses to salute the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance. No matter who runs, there will be dirt thrown at them and no matter how completely false it is, there is a large section of people who believe what the see on TV (need I mention the Swift Boat ads of four years ago? While I can list a dozen reasons why the Democrats should not nominate Hilary Clinton, the fact that the Republicans will talk bad about her is not one of them.

                After taking time out from his (I’m assuming) busy schedule to go down on John McCain with a passion, William Kristol wrote yet another op-ed in the New York Times professing his love for the man. Although it was probably hard to write with Cupid’s arrow stuck somewhere in his body, Kristol manages to push the pain out of his mind just long enough to tell us how great McCain is for memorizing poetry and being a prisoner of war, and not over thinking his campaign. All the other candidates are too modern while McCain is a “neo-Victorian”, which is apparently what this country needs. Kristol is not the only one who has a man-crush on John McCain; there have been numerous articles over the past couple months about how great McCain is- how he was the popular kid at school, how he’s tough yet likeable, and now how he’s a poet. It is hardly mentioned that he likes to sing songs about bombing Iran and wants our troops to stay in a foreign country risking their lives for nothing for another hundred years or so. I thought the New York Times was supposed to be an upper-crust newspaper, read by intellectuals when they want serious news- everything that’s fit to print or whatever bullshit they have the balls to use as their slogan. The entire media needs to be torn down and rebuilt otherwise we’re going to elect our next president based on how cool he is or that she is human enough to shed a couple tears.

            What is the right thing to do if a few of your neighbors are throwing rocks at your house? Do you try to make peace or maybe figure out what the real reason for your beef is and work on that? Do you isolate the ones (the minority) who are causing the damage and try to become friends with the rest? Well, according to the Israeli government you cut off all their supplies, knowing that you are affecting the people who aren’t throwing the rocks a lot more than the people who are throwing them. Gas and power supplies to the Gaza strip have been dramatically reduced, causing much suffering to the innocent as well as the guilty residents of this already poor area. Hospitals are only performing emergency surgery, as gas supplies for the generators are running dangerously low. The UN aid workers who help the residents are now saying that they don’t know how much more they will be able to help, due to shortages. Ehud Olmert opinion on the situation was summed up by his statement of,  As far as I’m concerned, all the residents of Gaza can walk and have no fuel for their cars, because they have a murderous terrorist regime that doesn’t allow people in the south of Israel to live in peace.” What a great way to treat your fellow human beings; what if all people who are living under a  “murderous terrorist regime” had all their supplies cut off? I think Israelis, along with you and I would be in quite a horrible situation. I’m not saying Israel is evil and Palestine and Hamas are poor, innocent victims, but I am saying that just because a few assholes fire rockets is no reason that old people, children, and other innocent people who just happen to live there have to starve to death. Things will never get better as long as a group of people is treated as less than another group.

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