There are many reasons why human beings obey the people that are in authority positions; that’s the way they were brought up, religion, low self-esteem, non-caring, and (what seems to be happening the most these days) fear are but a few. We have boys and girls being brainwashed into thinking some brown people halfway across the world are their enemies, and then being sent over there to kill them in the name of democracy. We have an administration with more power than any other US administration in our lifetimes, and yet are out there fighting for even more. We are having our rights slowly stripped from us, one at a time, by smiling people whom we elected to represent our best interests. Why are the great majority of us – although upset at what’s going on and what it could lead to – doing absolutely nothing, short of complaining to a few friends? We are afraid; if we pull our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, then – we are being told – the crazy terrorists who want nothing more than to destroy your freedom will be running rampant on the streets of every major city in the United States. If the Democrats let the Protect America Act expire (even though it has a written in clause, stating that if it expires its powers are still active for one year) then the terrorists all over the world will be able to pick up their phones, turn on their computers, and make plans to take over the world. Are so many of us really willing to give up our right to privacy in order to feel a little safer? Do we really think that the United States would immediately be attacked by ‘terrorists’ simply because we stop killing innocent people? The government does not have a right to listen to our phone calls or read or email. They certainly do not have a right to use our brothers and sisters to kill our other brothers and sisters for financial gain. However, people get the government they deserve and as long as we sit on our hands doing nothing; thinking that as soon as we have elections in nine and a half months, everything will work itself out, it is all our fault. The majority of the people in power enjoy their power and wouldn’t mind having more of it, therefore we can’t totally fault them for trying to grab up all they can; they are not going to stop on their own.

                Sometimes I think that the reason why people – for the most part – are not doing anything to reclaim their freedoms or save the lives of their brothers and sisters who are pointlessly dying all over the world is because they simply do not know the truth. It is true that there are some people who have to work two or three jobs to support their family, have no money newspapers, cable, or the internet at home, and have no time to go the library for a newspaper or internet connection, and therefore do not have as much access to the truth. However, the majority of us do have access to and time for the truth; most of the time it isn’t as far away as it seems. So, is it that we see it but are afraid to acknowledge it? Is the way I feel about 9/11 (that if I found out it was an inside job or something along those lines, I fear my head might explode) that prevents people from really studying the truth? What is going through a person’s mind as they read an article about how without warrantless wiretapping we are all going to die; if they know this not to be true, how do they rationalize not standing up and shouting the truth to everyone they know? Maybe people just forget; leading up to the United States’ unjustified attack on the citizens of Iraq, the news was filled with UN weapon inspectors letting the public know that Saddam did not have any weapons of mass destruction. Hell, Saddam himself was doing everything he could to stop the attack he feared (rightly so, it turned out) was on its way. Yet, here we are – January of 2008, not even five years later – and this has pretty much been forgotten. History repeats itself; maybe that’s the most important thing for people to learn. Maybe if people studied not only history that’s already happened, but also future history (in other words, what’s happening right this second) we wouldn’t be so easily fooled. If we saw one of our fearless leaders on TV saying something about Iran building nuclear weapons, we could remember what happened five years ago (or even a couple months ago) and immediately question what is presently being said. As long as we only care about what is happening to ourselves at this very second, we will continue to have the wool pulled over our eyes.

                In a couple weeks or months from now, we will probably pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV news to see a story about how another unjustified mercenary attack has killed innocent [fill in the blank here- Iraqi, Afghan…] civilians. We will be outraged and demand, in letters and telephone calls, that something is done about these mercenaries running rampant in foreign countries. Of course, we won’t remember that this is the same reaction we have for the first few days every time this happens. We won’t remember that Blackwater employees – just a few months ago – opened fire on dozens of innocent Iraqis, shooting indiscriminately into the crowd, killing 17 unarmed citizens. There were a few people who did not lose their anger as soon as the mainstream media stopped running stories about this event; seven people were arrested (although many more participated) for reenacting that days events in font of Blackwater’s main training ground in North Carolina and spent a few days in jail (which is a few days more than any of the Blackwater murderers spent). We could look at their arrests as valid – they did break laws – but how can we not see the insane hypocrisy involved? They were arrested for trespassing and destroying property (they put red handprints on a sign with the Blackwater logo), meanwhile Blackwater continues to commit both of these crimes every minute of every day and yet not have anything done to them about it. I challenge anyone to pick up any of the mainstream papers this morning and read about these people all being found guilty of these crimes. Or go online to any mainstream outlet’s site and see how far back you have to go to find an article about the event that occurred only a few months ago.

                Things have gone from bad to worse in Kenya, with many people calling the ongoing violence ethnic cleansing. Supporters of Raila Odinga who feel that he was the actual winner of December’s presidential election are wielding machetes and using them to kill members of President Mwai Kibaki’s tribe – the Kikuyu – throughout the region. There have also been reported cases of trapping members of Kikuyu in their huts and burning them to death. Because of this, police have been ordered to shoot to kill should they see any threats of violence occurring. Odinga and Kibaki have started meetings yesterday and are both calling for the violence to cease, but no one seems to be heeding their words.

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