The voting citizens of the United States of America – the people who, in a Democracy like we allegedly have should have the power – are doing nothing to ensure that the politicians do what popular opinion demands. Bush’s approval ratings are at rock bottom, a huge majority of the population thinks we should get out of Iraq, hardly anyone thinks that telecommunication companies should get immunity for breaking the law and allowing the administration to spy on US citizens without warrants, and every time the Democrats acquiesce to Republican demands their numbers sink lower. It is obvious that the scare tactics that are not working on the US people, are working on the Democratic party; either that, or they truly (and blatantly) care more about getting money from the war contractors, mercenary organizations, and telecommunication companies than they do about our votes. They know that the very high majority of people who lean left are going to vote Democrat no matter what and that most of the people in the middle are so fed up with the direction we have been headed in over the past seven plus years that they will be leaning left in November. Therefore, they do not care how strongly we feel about anything, they know that they are the less of two evils and they will therefore win easily come November. If you are a voting age citizen of the United States that means you have been here for at least eighteen years and should know the corruption level of the average politician. By not demanding – at the top of your voices – the things that you feel strongly about, you are telling these politicians that it is OK for them to follow the money instead of public opinion. It is not enough to just vote every two or four years, it is not enough to let a couple people at work or school know your opinions; you have to be out there and fight for what you believe in. We elect these people to represent us, to put laws and policies into place that the majority of us believe to be right, and when they do not do that, it is our job to put someone else in the position. If the person we choose to replace them has the same beliefs, greed, and/or fear, then we are not really changing anything besides the face of the person who is oppressing and ignoring us. This has been a cycle that has been going on for a long time; the Republicans screw us over for 4-8 years so we get mad and give the Democrats a sweeping victory; over the next 4-8 years we get fed up with all the decisions the Democrats are making so we give the Republicans an overwhelming majority, and so on and so forth. Both parties know this and they are not going to voluntarily change their ways; we have to give them a reason. In most other countries, if someone is elected and does not represent the will of the people she or he usually does not last the full term, why do we – the most powerful progressive country in the world – just accept things the way they are?

            Right now my mind is racing, my hands are shaking, and I feel like taking over a TV station and announcing to the world what a fucked up article I just read. Once in a while, here and there, we get trickles of information regarding the powers that this administration is reserving in case of emergency and the increasing definition of terrorist, but today there was an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that put everything together for us to see. The article is well written while I tend to be somewhat of an incoherent rambler, so either read both or just skip me and click on the link right now. Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton) has built dozens of secret prisons throughout our country, along with thousands of railcars equipped with shackles. The article poses the question that should be on all of our minds after reading something like that; why on earth would forty or so secret prisons and transportation need to be built? First is the National Defense Authorization Act, which for the first time in over one hundred years, gives the president the right to invoke Martial Law in  “a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, a terrorist attack or any other condition in which the President determines that domestic violence has occurred to the extent that state officials cannot maintain public order.” Add that to the Military Commissions Act which gives the government the right to lock up anyone who donates money to anything that ends up being deemed a terrorist organization or speaks out against the government, and you should be getting pretty angry/scared. But wait, there’s more. National Security Presidential Directive 51 – which you can actually read about on the White House website – gives the president the right to lock people up en masse, cancel elections, and other mind blowing things, in the case of a loosely defined “catastrophic emergency”. There’s also the Homegrown Terror act (which has already been passed – by a landslide – in the House), the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, and who knows what else that has been passed – without objection by the opposition party – right under our noses. Do not be surprised by anything that happens in August or September.

            I am angry and scared and my Word has insisted on changing the font, so I am done writing for today.

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