Listen to your parents or they will make you spend a couple days in your room, listen to your teachers or you will get sent to the principal’s office and possibly get suspended, follow the laws of the land otherwise you will be locked in a box for a number of years (that number to be determined by your sex, bank account, and skin color), do exactly what your boss says or you will not be able to work and therefore have no food, shelter or clothing, do what the bible says (or rather what your local preacher tells you the bible says) or you will spend eternity burning in the fiery pits of hell,  let the president do away with checks and balances, congressional oversight, and some of your basic freedom or Al Qaeda and the likes will attack your homeland. We spend our whole life doing exactly what authority tells us to – even if our conscience is telling us something different – because we fear the consequences of disobedience; even if – as in the case of warrantless wiretapping and telecom immunity – the consequences are fabricated. Al Qaeda will attack the US if the Government cannot read my email; not because we have had troops in the Middle East for a large number of years, not because Palestinians are being treated as less than human by a country with the full backing of the US, not because US troops are killing an insanely large amount of Iraqis and Afghans. Nope, it is because we are free, because we do not have an absolute ruler; so that needs to change quickly. This is the trick that worked back in August to get the Democrats to agree to an extension of the Protect America Act with no accountability for the telecommunication companies and this is what appears to be working again to get them to vote for complete retroactive immunity. Over the next day or two, the majority of USers who care about politics will be so distracted by the results from Super Tuesday that the Senate will quietly pass the Protect America Act. The majority of citizens do not want multi-billion dollar corporations to be untouchable – especially in circumstances like these – but will not make too big of a fuss about it because in the end, the government knows best. The government that allowed slavery, segregation, oppression of women, concentration camps for Japanese, dropped atomic bombs on two major cities, kills hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians every year, and commits other monstrous acts knows best.

                Keep your eyes tuned to the primaries because that is what really matters; if we can fight and get a new face behind the same system, everything will change for the better. Meanwhile, CIA director Michael Hayden testified in front of Congress yesterday that the CIA used waterboarding three times, has only one hundred people locked up in secret prisons throughout the world, and only uses torture when necessary. Hell, as long as it was only a few times and it was used on people who deserves it (because he is obviously being 100 percent truthful), who cares? Those humanist liberals who are running for president don’t care that the country they are trying to get elected to run, is running wild throughout the world doing whatever they want to whomever they want; that is just the way the system goes and if they rock the boat too much, people might begin to think bad things about them. When they talk about wanting change what do they really mean? Sure, some parts of your personal situations will differ with a Democrat in charge; abortion will stay legal, the rich will get taxed a little bit more, universal health care will be talked about for a few months after the election and then again in 2012, and other social issues will improve. However, the system that we have in place – the system that only really works out well for a small minority of citizens – will remain, the growing empirical powers of the United States will remain, and the shrinking power that the average (non-millionaire) citizen has will continue to be taken away. We seem to think that our only responsibility when it comes to changing things is to vote; people who sit around and do nothing 364 days out of the year, will go to the polls on November 4th, wait in line for a few minutes, pull a lever, and feel like they are a part of Democracy. Democracy is (in theory) the power of the people, we are the people, we need to execute that power; but first we need to realize that we all have it. A person sitting in a disease-infected trailer in New Orleans has the same potential for power as a multi-billionaire who owns a number of companies. The average USer has more in common and would get more accomplished teaming up with the trailer dweller in NO, yet continues to support the billionaire. Why?

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One thought on “Follow the Rules

  1. Please put us on your e mail list – we are asking for any research vis Vouchers for Veterans; i.e., worker cooperative employee owned paradigm for Disabled Veterans Incarcerated and Homeless

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