As if we need to be reminded why we – as a country of three hundred million people – require at least a third party, it appears that the Republicrat controlled Senate will pass a bill giving the Telecom companies retroactive immunity for the laws they have been breaking for the past seven years. The argument is not whether or not the companies actually broke the law, because one can argue that when the president of the United States of America asks someone to do something in the days after the country was attacked (even though there may be proof that this warrantless wiretapping was going on before 9/11) it should be done. However, to give someone or some company complete immunity in the middle of investigations as to whether or not something illegal was done is about as blatantly corrupt as our system gets. The Democrats in the Senate have been bending over backwards to appease the man who they were elected to hold accountable, and yet most people who consider themselves well informed will go to the polls (or fill out their mail in ballot) in November and vote for Democrats. Why? Because they are still better than Republicans; they are the lesser of two evils. If someone offered you two choices – they could stab you or shoot you – which would you choose? Most people would pick the stabbing, since it – like the Democrats – would probably hurt less than the shooting, but is that the right choice? If the person given that option had even an inkling to the amount of power she or he possess, they might realize that there is a third, fourth, and maybe even 100th choice; they can opt for neither, fight back, run, call for help, and so on. In the case of voting for the lesser of two evils, people rationalize it by saying that voting for a third party is throwing away one’s vote- that’s perfect, that’s what the two-headed snake that has always been in power wants you to believe. When we went to the polls in record numbers for a midterm election in 2006, we did it with a purpose. We didn’t go because of taxes, women’s right, or the declining infrastructure; we went because we believed things like the Iraq war and USers being spied on were wrong and the only way to change them was to elect the opposition. Here we are over a year later and the Democrats are doing more to assure that these things continue than the Republicans ever did- is that not throwing away your vote?

      When President Bush – with the much-needed assistance of the Democratic Party – increased troop levels last year, it was only supposed to be for a short period of time. Now, realizing that violence is down because we have more troops, and putting the level back at what it was would also shoot the violence to where it was, he has decided that withdraws will be put on hold. There are one hundred and thirty thousand living breathing human beings (not counting the mercenaries) that belong spread throughout the US, but are instead in a strange land shooting and killing brown people for no reason. Each of these one hundred and thirty thousand young men and women have friends, spouses, and families at home who are being effected by the ‘surge’. Each of those family members and friends have other people around them who are being effected by them and so on, until – whether we realize it or not – we are all feeling the effects of the war. Both Obama and Clinton are giving speeches saying they disagree with this Bush/Gates/Petraeus tactic, but are offering no real vision of what they would do. Third party candidates are the only ones with nothing to lose and therefore have to courage to say that they would do everything in their power to cut off funding and force the troops to return home. Neither Clinton nor Obama have said this; in fact, when either of them talk about withdrawing troops, they do not mean all troops. At least McCain is honest enough to tell us that if he is elected president, the war will continue and we will have our brothers and sisters over there for at least another four to eight years.


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