Let’s have a little refresher course on how our system works; we have a government that is run by the people for the people. That means that even the people who are not actually actively participating in the government still have a right to know what is being done both to them and in their name. When – for example – there is reason to suspect that the person that the people elected president is spying on US citizens without warrants or reason, it is the job of the Congress to perform an investigation. When it comes out that the spying was so illegal that hardcore right wingers threatened to resign if it didn’t stop, there should be no hesitation for Congress to act. Not only the members of Congress, but also Governors, Mayors, City Councils, the media, bloggers, and basically everyone who cares about our nation. Yet here we are, years after the public and members of the group we pay to investigate found out about this illegal spying, and nothing has been done. As Glenn Greenwald points out in the above linked to article, if this were going on in a country like Russia, North Korea, or Iran the entire US government would be up in arms.


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