As soon as we see a human being – any human being – as being less than ourselves, it becomes very easy to oppress them. This is what is going on in (among other places) Guantanamo Bay Prison, where too many people (too many defined as any) have been kept behind bars and tortured for too long (too long defined as any amount of time) without any charges. Now the government has decided that they will send the alleged masterminds (forget that Bin Laden guy) of the 9/11 attacks to trial, and seek the death penalty. Let’s assume for a second that these three men are truly the people who planned out and made sure that the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon happened; it should have been pretty easy to charge them six years ago. It should be pretty easy now to go to trial, present the evidence (which should be quite bountiful after all the money we have spent on investigations) and find them guilty. However, it is starting to come out that these trials are rigged, that members of the prosecution (who also happen to be part of the defense which both confuses and bothers me) are saying that a not guilty verdict or an acquittal cannot be tolerated. This is not just being reported by a few left-wingers in some liberal rags; there are insiders who have stepped down from their high positions who are now coming out with the purpose of making the truth universally known. However, these are Muslims, these are brown people from a country that we are at war with; if they didn’t actually plan the attacks, they probably know who did, so who cares if they have to be hung in place of someone else; it will make us all feel better. The trial will probably last somewhere around six months, taking us right up to election time. Somehow the media will cover the guilty verdicts as meaning the past five years, hundreds of billions of tax dollars spend, and hundreds of thousands of deaths have all been worth it. The final part – the part where we all fall for it, despite having months of warning – is still up to us.


One thought on “It’s easy to kill someone who isn’t quite human

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