Maybe the majority of us have woken up; not on all issues of course, but maybe we are finally starting to understand that most politicians – but especially today’s Republicans – are outright fear mongering liars. There is a new ad that the Grand Old Party has put on our airwaves; it has scary music, quote from in-the-know politicians, and a countdown till we are all blown up because the Democrats let the Protect America Act expire. I try to be a compassionate person and tell myself that we are all human beings who want to live happy lives without suffering; it’s just that some of us have been mislead. It isn’t watching this commercial that makes me think differently (I think these Republicans – and even some Democrats – either have been fooled into thinking the way they do or are blinded by the money), it is the fear I have that some people are going to buy it. There are some 24 watchers who are on the fence about the whole telecom immunity thing, who are going to watch this commercial and decide that it is correct, we are in grave danger and it is the fault of the Democrats. Never mind that the bill that lets wiretapping continue has not really expired, never mind that the person who let the Protect America Act expire is actually George W Bush; there is a commercial that has scary music and a countdown, and that means that we are all in grave immediate danger. Maybe it’s because I live in the mountains now, maybe it’s because I have been trying to see things with a more open, humanistic mind, but I feel like the majority of people are not going to fall for the trickery of the right wing this time.


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