One of the most pressing issues in the world for the past hundred years or so is abortion. Whether we are pro or anti-choice I think we can all agree on the fact that the lower the amount of abortions, the better. Under our current administration, schools are encouraged to teach abstinence only birth control techniques; Planned Parenthood gets more money if they do not perform abortions, and anyone who mentions condoms in schools are forever shunned. On the opposite end of the spectrum are countries like the Netherlands (or the US under Bill Clinton) who teach kids that they should wait to have sex, but understand that this is not always the case; therefore they hand out condoms in school and teach the children truths about how one gets pregnant. The main difference between these two approaches to sexual education is the former (abstinence only) results in a considerably higher abortion rate. When kids do not have access to condoms and proper education they have just as much sex (maybe even more) as when they do have access; the only difference is that they are not protected. It’s all about education, just like almost every other issue that the US faces today; unemployment, drug addiction, jail population, a Republican in the White House, violence, and so on can all be traced back to the education one receives. I – and many other people (much more eloquently than me) – have said it millions of times; the education system in this country is fucked up. When someone like George W Bush can go to Yale, but a much more intelligent poor child from the middle of the country is in high school but reading at a 2nd grade level, something is wrong. When the richer the schools, the more money they get, something is wrong. When the US – as a whole – is not doing anything to change this, something is seriously wrong. I don’t know what the answer is; I just know that there has to be a way to change. Maybe it is through people with knowledge using their free time to volunteer in inner-city schools, maybe we need some politicians who are going to start giving more money to schools who need more money, or maybe we need to somehow circumvent the system and start setting up schools on our own. No matter what the answer, things are not going to change until we change them.

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