If you can read Chris Floyd’s blog today and not have to urge to run out in the streets and scream, there is something seriously wrong with you. I often wonder how many people – whether pro or anti-war – actually sit down and think deeply about what is going on. It isn’t like a fight where two people who are angry at each other and feel that there is no way to talk things through hit each other until one person feels as if he or she is the winner. Chances are, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and mercenaries who are in Iraq and Afghanistan have never met or even heard of any of the hundreds of thousands of people who they have killed or the thousands more who they have tortured or put in prison without reason. Floyd talks about the Iraq Veterans Against the War and their upcoming four day conference in Washington DC, where they will be testifying about the atrocities they have seen committed and themselves committed. The way Iraqis and Afghans – fighters, civilians, or in between – were and are treated is as if they are less than human, less than animals even. I have said it before and I will say it again; if the majority of our population sat down and thought about these things, thought about these people as humans with family and loved ones who are being killed for reasons that are unknown by their killers, the war would end tomorrow.

      Speaking of people who are treated like less than human by other people while the rest of the world sits back and watches: Israel continues to relentlessly bomb Palestine. The death toll is over 100 Palestinians in the past five days (including a lot of civilians) and guess how many Israelis have died. Besides looking at the Palestinians – despite their Iraqi like dark skin – as human beings, another thing that majority of USers should realize is that we probably have more in common with them than with the people making these decisions in either Israel or the US. If you were to sit at a table with a common Palestinian or Iraqi citizen and a high-ranking official of George Bush’s cabinet, who do you think you would end up with more of a bond with? As long as the poor and middle class people of the world keep seeing their differences – skin color, language, home – and ignoring their similarities – oppressions, lack of control, reliance on people higher up than themselves – the earth will continue to see these type of fucked-up situations.


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