I’m sorry that all of a sudden I appear to be on some kind of anti-Israel kick (although – mirroring my feelings towards the US – I am only anti-Israeli policies) but what they are doing is just mind blowing. Let me – courtesy of The Guardian – hit you with some stats first: in the past week, more than 120 Palestinians have been killed (five were children and over half were civilians) while three Israelis (two of which were soldiers) have also been murdered. Three months ago there was a US sponsored Peace Conference; since then 323 Palestinians have been killed, compared to seven Israelis (two of whom were civilians). I read stats like this (along with stats like, 64% of Israelis would like some kind of peace talks) almost every day, and every day I get more and more angry with my people. Despite this, I am still torn; my grandparents survived the Holocaust while many in my family did not. I firmly believe – as I have said before – that if there had been an Israel during the rise of Hitler, none of it would have ever happened. I do not think it is OK to steal land, but I think it is important that a historically persecuted people have somewhere to go to protect themselves. All of this runs through my mind as I think or talk about the situation and – although there is no argument that makes me believe killing innocent civilians is right – I go back and forth all day. Then I read a quote that threw me, quite hard, to one side; Matan Vilnai said that the Palestinians faced a “holocaust” if they continue to fire homemade rockets into Israel. (Before I continue, I would just like to say that I have found blogs claiming this was never said, while I haven’t found anything with the full quote.) Whether holocaust is exactly what Vilnai said, something was lost in translation, or he said nothing of the sorts, the fact remains that Israel is killing Palestinians at such a rate and in such a way that the term holocaust does not seem too radical a word. The US media has to stop worrying about being labeled anti-Semitic and start reporting the truth; people – PEOPLE – are being held captive in their own land, being killed at will by a foreign government, and are being blamed in the US media.


One thought on “The Holocaust revisited?

  1. In the post you cite above, at http://www.elyakatz@wordpress.com, I cited Dr. Avraham Bell’s essay on Israel’s right to self-defense, which clearly proves out the fact that Israel exercises her right to self-defense legally. If you think Israel is committing a ‘holocaust” because she is winning, then that means we all need to come to a draw against those who make war on us. Wouldn’t WWII have been interesting under those rules?

    To read his essay in full, which I recommend for those who want to make an intelligent, vs. emotional assessment of the situation, I suggest you click the link of my post cited here under “never said”. It can also be found under the title, “Did You Hear What MK Matan Vilnai Said??” at http://www.elyakatz@wordpress.com. The link is located under “essay” within the text of the post.

    Israel “stealing land” is a myth perpetrated by the Arabs. This can be proven via historical records. For facts surrounding how the Land of Israel was re-acquired by the Jewish people, I suggest a serious study of the writings of Professor Eugene Narrate here: http://www.israelendtimes.com/

    Most of the land was legally purchased.

    Continuing on the topic of legally waged warfare, and whether Israel does indeed follow International guidelines, I suggest the following:

    Furthermore, my post entitled “Troubling Double Standards” points to some interesting facts in regards to how the world judges Israel vs. the Arab world.


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