I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that there are still people out there – even left-wingers in fact – who do not think holding impeachment hearings for George W Bush and Dick Cheney are worth the time and/or effort. That is like not going after a drug kingpin because it will cost the government too much money and take people power away from keeping drugs off the streets. People say it will be a distraction; that for the next however many months hearings take Congress will not get anything else done. How much has Congress gotten done over the past year anyway? Whenever Congress passes anything of importance – ending the chances of retroactive immunity, cutting off funding for the war in Iraq, or banning waterboarding – the war criminal president vetoes it and nothing further happens. The president who maintains a US presence in Iraq by using the argument of those who are against the war do not support the troops, refuses to ban torture against our ‘enemies’. He does not care that the rest of the world (and the majority of the US) thinks that these techniques are illegal or that using waterboarding greatly increases the risk that when US soldiers get captured, they will receive the same treatment. I wonder what would happen if Bush went out and got a blowjob from someone; would we impeach then? I’ve heard the theory that the Republicans pursued impeachment against Bill Clinton, knowing they weren’t going to get him out of office, because they figured that the US population would get so turned off by the process that it would never happen again. I can’t figure out if this is true or not; I’ve seen polls that show that at least half the people surveyed are for hearings. Could it be fear? Is everything the Democrats are doing – funding the war, not trying very hard to get rid of retroactive immunity, not going after impeachment – based on November of this year? Are they just sitting back and allowing the Republicans to continue this never-ending war, flush the economy down the toilet, and strip US citizens of their rights with the hope that they will take over the Presidency and increase their majority in the House and Senate? While a good theory on paper innocent people are getting locked up and tortured without even knowing the charges against them, US soldiers are dying, Iraqi and Afghan citizens are getting blown up, billionaire CEOs are robbing the country blind, and the Democrats are turning a blind eye in order to possibly win an election. They do this because they know they can, they know that come November people are going to be pissed off at them, but they will still be a better ‘choice’ than the Republicans.


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