Somewhere between a half a million and a million and a half people – depending on who one listens to – are dead in Iraq (a war that is going to cost us three trillion dollars); the country is in ruins and no one’s life there will ever be the same. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, thousands of people are dead, the Taliban is back in charge and no one’s life there will ever be the same. All across the globe, there are US troops, money, and/or weapons controlling governments, paying death squads, and no one’s lives in any of those places will ever be the same. Here in the United States, our economy is in the toilet, record amounts of people are losing their homes, wealth is being consolidated like never before, families are losing their loved ones overseas for reasons they don’t understand, the dollar is at an all time low, gas is at an all time high, and no one’s lives will ever be the same. Each one of these examples – some more than others – are crimes; we were lied to about the reasons troops were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, directly resulting in over a million deaths. The destruction of our economy could have been prevented, but was not because poor people do not matter, and so on and so forth. Who is being held accountable? When new information is discovered, which newspapers run article after article day after day? Maybe it isn’t the fault of the media; maybe they have been saving their energy for something big, something huge, something that will change the world. On Monday, they finally got what they were looking for, the story to end all stories, the scoop that will surely win some people some awards: Elliot Spitzer paid for sex!!! Whatever the affiliation- Republican, Democrat, or some third party; I could not care less if a grown man pays a grown woman to have sex with him, therefore I tried to focus on the other news. I thought to myself, surely the papers will run a couple quick articles about this and then move on to more pressing things. However, for the past three days all I have been able to read or hear about is that Elliot Spitzer paid a grown woman to have sex with him. The question, why was Elliot Spitzer being watched, was not asked in any of the mainstream newspapers or news programs, and I will not go into it here; mainly because I don’t really know, because it hasn’t been covered. Here is what I do know; prostitution is illegal. If I were to leave my home today, drive down to Denver, pick up a prostitute, and then get caught, I would expect to be arrested, maybe even fined. The fact that Elliot Spitzer made his reputation from being a prosecutor – even busting a few prostitution rings – makes the matter even worse; he broke the law and he should pay the consequences. My point is not that this should be ignored or he should get off (haha, get it?) without any sort of charges. My point is that there are much bigger criminals, still in the middle of their criminal acts (which are causing millions of deaths, not just sex), in much higher positions of leadership; and they are – for the most part – being ignored. When George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, and the rest are in jail serving life sentences or awaiting the same fate as Saddam Hussein, then I wouldn’t mind a front page article on a grown man paying a grown woman to have sex with him. We should all (I’m assuming you’re just as disgusted as I am) be writing letters to our local and national newspapers demanding this.


2 thoughts on “Biggest News Story EVER!!!

  1. c’mon are you serious? what is more important than our politician’s sex lives? personally, i’m relieved to know that our government is paying attention to these things and that our media is quickly responding. one cannot make good decisions concerning the welfare of the people if they are paying grown women to have sex with them. think a little before you write. sheesh!

  2. I agree totally and this was all payback from Wall St. The government had this prostitution ring and all the johns on the first wire tap they secured. There was no need to get another wire tap other than get more dirt on Spitzer to get a felony. It worked.

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