According to an article I just read in the always unbiased Politico, 53% of registered US voters believe that “the US will ultimately succeed in achieving its goals” in Iraq. I will ignore – for the time being – the fact that there are no statistics to back up this poll; where was it conducted, how many people were interviewed, what was the exact wording of the question, how was it conducted, and so on. Pew could have asked 100 people coming out of a Wal-Mart in Alabama for all we know. That is beside the point however; it’s fine if people think that the US will ultimately succeed in achieving its goals. The next question should have been, “what – in your opinion – are the US’s goals in Iraq?” If the US’s goals in Iraq are to kill the majority of Iraqis, build the world’s biggest base, and solidify access to an oil pipeline, and the way the US intends to go about achieving this goal is to keep troops over there until it happens (even if it takes 100 years), then I too believe that the US will ultimately succeed in achieving its goals in Iraq. Maybe this question was asked fairly, maybe it was asked of a random sample of all kinds of people, maybe it was asked via means that include every one (what I mean by that is if it was done via email, it only involves people lucky enough to have a computer, an email account, and time to sit back and fill out a survey; if it was done by telephone it includes only those who have a landline, which most people under 30 or below the poverty line do not), maybe 53% percent of US voters really believe that the US will ultimately succeed in achieving its goals of spreading Democracy throughout Iraq. The question I have (and that should have been asked by these ‘reporters’) is, why? When they called Joe Blow and asked him if he thinks that the US will ultimately succeed, what was he basing his “yes” on? Was it because he read an article that morning in the Politico telling him that the US will succeed? Was it because he watched a John Bush or George W McCain speech in which they guaranteed success over there? Was it because he just got off the phone with his smart uncle who told him that – contrary to popular belief – everything is going fine over there? What if the poll was conducted by asking people who have first hand knowledge? What if the first question was, “have you, or a loved one who you are in contact with, been to Iraq (outside of the Green Zone) recently? My final question is this: once again, if it is true that when asked a non-loaded question, 53% of the educated public believes that the US will ultimately achieve success in Iraq, does that mean it’s true? If we would have done a poll in February of 2003, a great majority of people asked – no matter what part of the country people went – would have said that Saddam Hussein possesses Weapons of Mass Destruction and played a part in the attacks of 9/11. That – as most of us (although not all) know – turned out to be greatly false. I guess the majority of people thinking something, does not make it come to fruition.


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