In 2003 the population of the United States took to the streets to let the world know that we will not support an invasion of Iraq. Then, after we were ignored and Iraq was occupied, we went back to our every day lives for the next few years (just over five to be exact). Occasionally there is a protest here or an occupying of a Representatives office there, but there is no movement, there is no awareness. Almost 4,000 US troops are dead, over one million Iraqi civilians are dead, countless families are missing loved ones, the infrastructure in Iraq is destroyed (and in the US it is crumbling), and we are doing nothing. Perhaps it is because of this that Iran is next on the list; the lunatics occupying the White House know that there might be a bit of resistance when we go in there, but eventually the people of Iran will start blending in with the people of Iraq (and Afghanistan) as a bunch of crazy, Islamic, brown people a half a world away that have to be killed in order for us to continue to have the comfortability that we have. Most people have not been to Iran; in fact most reporters are only repeating what the war mongers are saying instead of taking trips over there and interviewing the people. Ahmademinejad is being portrayed as a Hitler, when in reality he is the George Bush of Iran; the people do not like him very much (as evidenced by the elections held a couple days ago) and he doesn’t have as much power as we are led to believe. Iran is not full of crazy fundamentalists who are set on the destruction of the US and Israel; rather, the land is full of human beings just like in the US. They are more oppressed than us, but are fighting to get their rights. They have more women in higher learning institutions than either of the countries that we are helping to become free. We all need to come to the realization that these people are just like us – they breathe, they eat, they bleed, they love, and so on – we need to realize that they are working things out for themselves and are not bothering anyone. Read this article from someone who actually went over there, not just watched videos of what we are allowed (and encouraged) to see. The most important thing we can do right now is realize that a war with Iran is planned; Dick Cheney just visited the area, John McCain just visited the area, Joe Leibermann just visited the area – these are the biggest cheerleaders for more war. We cannot let this happen; if we continue to sit around and ignore this very real possibility, the blood will be on our hands.


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