I do not have much time to write today, but I refer you to a long, scary article by William R Polk about Iran. According to Mr. Polk – who was a member of the Policy Planning Council responsible for Africa and the Middle East from 1961-65 and is currently a teacher of history and the founder of Middle Eastern Study Center – war with Iran is imminent. Everything is in place for Iran to be bombed; the US navy is occupying much of the waters, threats are still being made, politician war-hawks are making visits to the area, and we have over a dozen bases set up throughout Iraq, giving us easy access to the area. Iran is bigger than Iraq, and their so-called nukes are spread throughout the country – some even in urban areas – so therefore, the million or so dead in Iraq would be a paltry number compared to what we would do to their neighbors. Polk’s article obviously gives better reasons as to why war is imminent, why it will not work, and what the Iranian (and other nations in the area) response will be. What he does not mention is that we the people can stop it; all we have to do is actually give a shit. The movement to end the war in Iraq has to grow by leaps and bounds – who cares if 80% of the public is against the war if they just sit home and watch TV? – and has to start including (as it often does) demands that we do not go into Iran. Pressure has to start being dumped on top of not only our local politicians, but also especially the three candidates for Bush’s replacement. John McCain we already know has his mind set on war (in fact, I would argue that the only way he will get elected is if we are already at war with Iran come November), but we should still be able to pressure both Obama and Clinton. They have both said that all options are on the table (in fact Polk has a good quote from Obama in his article). This can not be accepted; when are we going to have a president that can put his or her ego to the side and make decisions based on common sense, not about fear of the rest of the world calling us pussies?


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