I sometimes get angry while watching Mr. Obama because he seems genuine; he rarely looks down at his notes (if he has any), seems to talk from his heart, and doesn’t look like he is trying to figure out what he’s supposed to say. I get angry because I know he’s still part of the empire and although the economy might grow a tiny bit and we may keep less troops in Iraq and talk less shit to Iran, things will still generally be the same. Luckily, the hegemonist in him comes out every once in a while. In a speech given on Friday, Obama said that his foreign policy decisions will be more like former presidents JF Kennedy, George HW Bush, and even a little like Ronald Reagan. It’s fine that he’s distancing himself from the likes of the people who run our country now, but saying he will do the same things as three other war criminals is not exactly comforting to someone like me, someone who thinks there should be no empire. Kennedy is the man who was behind the Bay of Pigs invasion; a horribly failed attack (one of many) directed at Fidel Castro. Not because Castro was threatening the United States, not because Castro had actually attempted war on the United States, but simply because Cuba is a seemingly weak country, located very close to the United States and refuses to bow down and kiss our feet. As far as Ronald Reagan goes; when a Democrat says he wants to be more like the man conservatives worship, it may be time to be worried. Forget about all the domestic issues Reagan was inhuman about, forget about the fact that he put a rose on the grave of a former SS soldier, lets look at some of his foreign policies. Reagan paid money to the Iranians to not release the US hostages (during the US embassy in Iran crisis) until right around election time; he shipped massive amounts of weapons to our enemies in Iran and extremists in Nicaragua; he invaded Lebanon and Grenada for no apparent reason. The list goes on, but what has been listed should be enough for a “liberal” Democrat to not want to be like Mr. Reagan. Finally we have the esteemed father of our wonderful current president, George HW Bush. This is the man who armed and funded Saddam Hussein; remember him? He’s the guy who had weapons of mass destruction and ties to 9/11; he’s the reason why we are in a war that is causing the rest of the world to hate us and our own country to fall apart at the seams. The lists on the war crimes committed by all three of these men is long and disgusting; do some research and you’ll see who these people really are. I don’t know whether Obama is saying all of this in order to get the votes of centrists and right leaning people in Pennsylvania or if he really believes them and intends to follow in the footsteps of the three evil former presidents, but neither reason is going to get me to cast a vote for this man. I’m starting to think that fighting to end the empire, to end the endless wars and puppets we support all over the world, to end the massive inequality within our own country, is pointless. Nothing we say or do is going to get someone outside of the three nutbags running for president elected. All we can do now is build alternative structures and make sure that we can survive when we look down and see the bottom rushing up at us.


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