I don’t have much time this morning, so I’ll just comment briefly on an article I read on IPS. There was an Arab summit in Syria in which the topic of discussion was Iraq. Seeing as how the occupation of Iraq by the US and its cronies directly affects all of the “Middle East”, one would think that every Arab leader would have attended. Remember that Saddam Hussein was once an ally of the US, so even a leader who feels like he’s in the good graces of the White House should be just as – if not more – worried about what’s going on in the wasteland that used to be a country. Unfortunately, a day before the meeting was to take place Washington DC (AKA, someone delivering a message from our esteemed leader) warned its allies (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt) that attending the event would not be a good idea; instead of standing with their neighbors and brothers and sisters, the leaders of these countries stayed home. This has been going on since the beginning of time; a great way to rule a people is to divide and conquer. The Middle East is divided, Iraq itself is divided, after India gained its independence it became divided into two countries, oppressed Palestine is divided and constantly in civil war; even at home, the poor are divided between the “two” major US parties. This is something that should be apparent to anyone with even one eye open, but obviously by the looks of things it is not. My mind right now is on Iraq, so that is what I’ll focus on; the people of Iraq have been killed, wounded, and, displaced by the US (and that’s not counting the British rule of the country for a few decades) for many years now. There was the first Gulf War, then came many years of sanctions, and finally the current occupation. While some of the Iraqis are fighting against the colonists, many of them (including some who are indeed fighting the USers) are fighting each other. They see more of a difference and more of a reason to kill someone from their own country, their own block even, than the people with the big guns who are bossing them around and destroying their country. I hope, at the very least, we see this and can end it in the United States. I hope we can see that the person sharing the $6 an hour job with you, who happens to be a Republican, has more in common with you than Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton ever will.


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