Welcome back to me; once again I will make an attempt to write a blog at least three days a week. I am taking eighteen credits, doing two internships, working as a core member of Students for Peace and Justice in Boulder, and earning money at a real job, so I don’t know how long this will last or of what quality they will be. I apologize in advance to my three or four loyal readers.

Before I even begin to talk about what I want to talk about, let me just say that I really don’t have a full understanding of what I’m about to reference. What I’m talking about is this financial crisis these United States are facing. I know that the bankers gave out a lot of loans that they shouldn’t have; I know that the government sat back and did nothing because we are (or were) a free-market system; and I know that things are going to effect people from the bottom up. I know – from listening to and reading smarter people who know more than me – that this 700 billion dollar bailout is going to (possibly) save the rich people (and maybe some middle class) while doing absolutely nothing to alleviate the suffering of the poor. I know that this is only a temporary solution; that even during the great depression the stock markets would have record gains from time to time. I know that neither McCain nor Obama (whichever of whom gets elected will end up being a one term president anyway) will fix any of these problems. I also know that there is a big part of me rooting for a complete economic (and other) collapse in these here United States.

I know that an economic collapse will result in people like myself (and probably most of my friends and family) losing jobs, standing in bread lines, and possibly ending up homeless. It doesn’t make me happy to think about my mother riding a bike to the local church because she can’t afford to eat dinner, but this is something that has been going on for hundreds of millions of people throughout the world for hundreds of years because of our countries’ need to consume, consume, consume without caring about anyone else on earth. The fact that we have been in Iraq for five and a half years and will spend literally trillions of dollars is not on people’s minds anymore. The fact that our country is still occupying Afghanistan (and it’s getting a lot worse) is not even on the list of the top twenty concerns of most of our citizenry. The fact that our educational system is teaching our children to be obedient, unhappy, robots only concerns a very small part of the population. Maybe this is because neither mainstream candidate is talking seriously about these issues or maybe neither mainstream candidate is talking seriously about them because no one cares. Either way, there is probably not one person on your block who doesn’t have an opinion – an opinion that has almost certainly been voiced repeatedly – on the financial crisis. Maybe the downfall of our economic system will get people angry enough to elect third, fourth, or even fifth party representatives to Congress and the Presidency. Maybe it will get people angry enough to – gasp – realize that we don’t need a government to take care of things for us; that we can do bad all by ourselves.

I admit that all of this is probably a pipe dream; our country is way to stupid and lazy to overthrow the government or even change the system. What is more likely to happen is this.


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