The election is very near and it’s possibly the biggest one in the history of this so-called democracy. It is also our chance to elect a black man to the high position in the world, which is both something that should have been done many, many years ago and also something truly amazing. John McCain is completely and utterly insane; he is a war-mongering, flip-flopping, little-armed man who plays on people’s fears and ignorance (both of which are prevalent characteristics in this country). There is no way, no matter what happens between now and Election Day, that I would ever press the button (or check the box or however it works now) next to his name. This is how most people I know feel, but that’s where our similarities end. The majority of people – even peaceful, nonviolent, intelligent ones – think that the only option they have left is Mr. Obama; after all, he is really the lesser of two evils. All these people that complain about our two party system, our military industrial complex, and the millions of innocent people killed in our name every single year, feel like they have to vote for a man who will do less of these things. I don’t care if Obama promised to only bomb one country and give one contract for one village destroying missile to Lockheed- there would still be no way I could vote for him. The reality is that he hasn’t made these promises; he will give billions of dollars to his rich friends in the oil industry, weapons industry, agriculture industry, and all other corrupt places in the world. He will do everything in his power to make sure that dissenters do not have a voice. He will make sure that, come next election, there will still be no visible representatives from anywhere but the same two parties we have had for all of our lifetimes. I think I have the ability to look past these things and help Obama get elected, knowing that he would be easier convince than McCain that certain changes need to be made. I feel like under him I would face less jail time for committing direct action against some of the military or oil companies that pay him. However, if Obama is elected president he will kill millions of people (sure, McCain will kill more, but right now I’m talking to the Obama supporters). He will bomb countries that are doing nothing to us. He will not flinch when 100 innocent civilians die for every one enemy we kill. He will not bring up the fact that new terrorists are created with every single bomb we drop. Just like none of us will see the blood that has soaked our hands the minute we press the button next to either candidate’s name.

Obama wants a timetable for Iraq, and that is great, that is immeasurably better than what McCain wants to do. However, he will still keep mercenaries and numerous bases in the country- making sure that the US controls their policy making for years and years to come. There is also another country getting the shit bombed out of them; a country that our troops have been in longer than Iraq. A country that both Obama and McCain will not only continue to bomb mercilessly, but will also send more troops and weapons to. This is a country that most people have forgotten about. A country in which everyone else in the world seems to know we are wasting our time. A country called Afghanistan. When Obama is elected (as I am sure he will be- whether he actually gets into office or not is a whole other story), the people who put him into the White House will be responsible for the death of every innocent person – Afghans, US and NATO soldiers, and so on – for the next four years.

For those of you who think Obama will simply kill the innocents of Iraq and Afghanistan, you are wrong. There is a third country where the US has been involved genocide; a country that is talked about even less than Afghanistan; a country that has not been brought up once during any of the three ‘debates’. This country is called Somalia and if you believe that Obama will stop the pointless killing going on over there, you are – once again – sorely mistaken.

My point in saying all of this is not to scare or push guilt on people (well, maybe a little) but simply to wonder why no one is talking about any of this. How come we don’t see Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, or Ron Paul being invited to any of the debates? They have good things to say; they have actual solutions for our economic crises that would help the poor and middle class; they will not kill any innocent people; they are the ones who represent what this country of ours is supposed to stand for. I don’t understand how people could think that voting for one of these four people (or Dennis Kucinich) is just throwing away a vote, but are fine with the fact that the person who they will help get elected is going to kill people in their names for years to come.


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