The election is less than two weeks away and I am still stumped as to what to do. I know there is no chance of any of the “third party” candidates to come anywhere close to winning the White House. Normally this doesn’t stop people from voting for them; people who feel like they cannot – in good conscience – vote for someone who is going to play a part in killing innocent people and expanding the US Empire. This year seems different, it seems like all these people have lost their minds over Barrack Obama. People who I talk to, people who in any other situation choose to do what’s right, even if it seems pointless and makes them look foolish, are all about Barrack. The man that preaches nonviolence to me – doing what’s right, following your Truth no matter what – is telling me that he is voting for Obama because he is the lesser of two evils. He tells me that Obama is just saying some of the things he is saying – expanding the military, never hesitating to bomb a country, making Pakistan resemble Iraq and Afghanistan… – in order to get elected. No one can run on what Obama “really believes” and have a chance at becoming president of this country, my mentor tells me. A lot of people are saying this and I really want to believe it, but doesn’t it make him a liar? Would Martin Luther King have said he was for segregation in order to get elected to office? Would Gandhi have pretended to love the British occupation of his country in order to gain more power? Even Obama says that change comes from the bottom, so why he is trying to secure the highest elected position in the world? Despite all this, there is still a little part of me that sometimes thinks about possibly voting for him; all of me wants him to win (assuming that no third party person makes some kind of 1969 Met-like comeback), but most of me can’t imagine checking the box next to his name.

A lot of people got really excited when Colin Powel backed Obama; my grandmother may have actually changed her mind, which is saying a lot. I cannot really understand this; why would people feel comforted by their candidate getting backed by a war criminal? Colin Powel played a big part in launching the illegal war and occupation of Iraq and to this day does not regret it. There is no doubt that, according to international law, Powel is a war criminal; he was a main actor in the events that have led to the murder of over one million people, and – like many of his German counterparts – he would not change a thing. If I were running for office and a person like this came out to say that he – although never supporting a person with my point of view in the past – was throwing himself behind me, I would react with disgust. I surely would not guarantee him a spot in my cabinet should I get elected. This – even with my new desire – makes it even harder to vote for Barrack Obama.

Finally, everyone should read Chris Hedges’ article this (and every week). It doesn’t tie directly into what I have written about, but it is still a great resource; the man is a genius.


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