I know I talk about my dislike for Obama a lot; I do this because I assume everyone knows McCain is an insane old puppet and therefore is not even worth talking about. Also, I do it because all these people getting so excited about Obama scare me; they scare me because most of them assume all they have to do is work for a few months before the election to get other people excited as well, go to the poll on election day to vote for their candidate, celebrate when it is announced that he won, and then go home and watch TV for the next four years. Even though I believe Obama has blood on his hands and – if given the presidency – will eventually become a war criminal, I am still hoping with all my might that he destroys John McCain in every single state. I hope that he is what people think and hope he is. I hope that he has been saying a lot of the stuff he has been saying in order to get elected. I hope the people who help get him elected stay organized and put pressure on him for the next four or eight years. I truly hope he changes the world for the better and we look back at the past 20 or so years in embarrassment. I don’t know if this will happen though.

I’ll tell you what scares me (in a short post) more than Obama killing towers full of people on a daily basis, and then I’ll leave you alone. Most Independents who are not going with a third party will vote for Obama, a lot of Republicans have decided to jump ship and either vote for a third party or Obama, and a ton of people who usually sit on their couch and play video games on election day will be heading to the polls this year to vote for Obama. It is my opinion that there will be no need for any recounts; Obama’s margin of victory will be too big. The Democrats will also take over a number of seats in the House and Senate that have been Republican safe seats for the past few decades. There will be no more time for excuses; the Democrats will rule all three branches of government and will be able to basically do whatever they want; what they’ve been claiming to want to do for the past two years. They will come up with a better health care plan, education will make an improvement (not too much because Democrats still don’t want children to grow up and question the system), we will be killing less people overseas, unions will be stronger, wages will be higher, and a bunch of other social issues will take a turn for the better. However, the hatred that the rest of the world feels for this country will continue to rise, the rich will get even richer, all the corporations who have been giving a shit ton of money to Obama and then Dems will see their profits grow tenfold, the poor will get poorer, inflation will cause staple items to be unaffordable for a growing percentage of the populations, and – most importantly – our economy will collapse. Most of this will not be Obama’s fault; most of it will be because of the decisions that have been made since the days of Reagan (and probably before). However, the majority of people in this country do not understand how these things work; they will forget that the economy was on the way down long before Mr. Obama came into power; they will fail to see the improvements made in areas that Obama actually had control over, and they will blame the Democrats for destroying this country. 2012 will roll around with our country in shambles, and then what will happen? The Republicans will run psychopaths who will make Bush and McCain look like model citizens; not just for the White House but also for every other position available. Next thing we know we will have a bunch of little Hitlers controlling our government and blaming China or India for the mess that we’re in. What happens next I don’t even want to guess, although reading history gives me a pretty good idea.


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