Throughout my twenty-nine plus years on this earth I have known nothing but privilege. I grew up middle class (and still might be), I am white, I am a male, I am straight, and I am getting an education that most people will never get. When some Syrian my age woke up the other morning to learn that family members or friends of his were killed in an illegal bombing by the United States, the picture he got was probably of me (sans beard and tattoos). I was thinking about this earlier today and it made me wonder if people over there know that we aren’t all insane. Sure, most people either cheer or ignore when we do something like invade a sovereign nation, but there are some of us who are saddened. There are some of us that want to stand up and fight, who understand not only that what is going on is as wrong as it gets, but also that it is being done in our name without our permission. Iraqis and Afghans for the past 6 and 7 years know that the Americans are destroying their lives. Every country that has been taken over by US influence, US puppet dictators, and US sanctioned torture know that it is the straight white male Americans who are doing this to them. Despite this, most of walk around as if in a daze; we don’t care about the human beings who are being destroyed with our permission. When Ward Churchill made his comments right after 9/11 comparing the causalities of the World Trade Center with the German citizens in the 30’s and 40’s he was shunned and eventually fired from his job. Is that not the case though? Even though each and every Iraqi to die does not receive coverage in our media, there is not a single person in this country who does not know that at least hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died. There is no doubt that Iraq is an illegal occupation, the “Good War” title that we have given to our invasion of Afghanistan is slowly wearing out, and there are international laws that are supposed to stop a country from attacking another country without warning. Knowing any of this and not doing a thing to stop it makes us all guilty. People look back at the time leading up to the holocaust and even during the holocaust and they say, “if only a few people would have paid attention and stood up it could have all been avoided. What’s wrong with them?” And yet, here we are doing the same thing. We are getting our rights taken away while missiles that were paid for with our tax dollars are being dropped into the living rooms of people just like you and me. By not stopping what is going on, each and every one of us is as responsible as George W Bush, Colin Powel, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and every single Senator and House member who voted for this. I know there are some people who don’t believe this and there are some that choose to ignore it. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or pay attention to it or not. When our country continues to fall and no one will throw us a hand, we will all suffer. When some of the “terrorists” that we have created over the past hundred years plan their attacks on us, they are not going to only focus on the “bad Americans”. When a child wakes up in the hospital to find that not only are her legs gone, but so are her parents and siblings, she does not differentiate between those of us who are against war and those of us for, she only knows that the Americans did this. I’m babbling, so I’ll stop now.


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