Overall I am in a very positive mood- not just about the future of world events (or the potential of them) but also about life in general. I will talk about my optimism, but I also feel like we can’t just ignore what’s going on because something good happened. A lot of the people who I have been talking to over the past few days – people who I thought we just blind Obama supporters – are really impressing me with their talk of continuing this movement. We already have something a movement going; if all the people who have woken up over the past year would combine what they have just done with what we have been working on, real change can be made. Obama is not a god, he is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, he is not change- but he does represent something great. He represents what we – especially the young people – can do if we really put our minds to it. He is the voice and face behind the fact that the fate of the world is in our hands. If all these people can pull together and get a black man who was accused of supporting terrorism and being a socialist muslim elected in a landslide victory to the highest position in the world, imagine what else they can do. We have to hope that the movement does not get swallowed up in the administration, but instead the administration gets swallowed up in the movement. We have to take things into our own hands and make sure that Obama doesn’t stand in front of us or over us and lead, but rather joins us and lets us lead him.

Here’s the part where I fully intended to get negative, but I’m going to try to stay towards the positive side as much as possible. I love the excitement that’s going on, I have never seen people celebrating in the US (or even outside of, but about, the US) this much over something like this and it makes me feel hopeful. However, there has to be some kind of balance; the celebration should continue – we have a president with an African father, who was rumored to be Muslim and hang out with terrorists, and who won in a landslide against a white war hero – but we also need to pay attention to reality. Just because this amazing thing happened does not mean that all the bad things going on are just going to stop. I read the collection of news sources that I normally do yesterday morning and while most of them were either about Obama or Californians (you guys are fucked up) there was one guy out there willing to not get caught up in all this, and write about what’s really happening. Once again we have dropped a misguided bomb in Afghanistan, killing almost 40 people including 23 children. It is really hard to think this is fine just because we elected Obama. First of all, this is still going on and as long as little children and other innocent human beings are dying it should be seriously addressed. Second of all – for those of us who would just like to ignore this and wait for the savior to take over – Obama supports this as “the good war” and fully intends to send more troops over.

Before reading about the defenseless people who were killed in our name with our tax dollars I heard on the radio that Mr. Obama had appointed Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. Obama – this liberal, socialist, non-politician – has already smacked us in the face. The first official thing he does after getting elected is hire a guy who “was the top House recipient in the 2008 election cycle of contributions from hedge funds, private equity firms and the larger securities/investment industry”, sends dead fish to people who make him angry, and threatened to kill fellow Democrats who disagree with him. Not to mention his Zionist stand towards Israel; Israel is actually his middle name because his father – a dual Israeli/US citizen – was a gunrunner for said country. This is very alarming to me and I think it means that it is time to act. Everyone loves Obama because he understands that change comes from the bottom, was a community organizer, and has called on us to let him know when we disagree. We cannot wait until he has chosen his entire staff, taken office, and sends more troops to Afghanistan. We can be happy and proud that we elected this possibly great man to be our leader, while at the same time showing up at all his appearances and letting him know that we are unhappy with Emanuel and we want him to end the good and the bad wars.

I have never been a politician and I have no idea what is going on in the life of Barrack Obama between now and January 20th. However, I would be willing to bet that there are plenty of people whispering in his ear. There are fellow Democrats telling him what to do, there are lobbyists demanding certain things, there are people who donated to his campaign calling in favors; if he doesn’t hear the voices of the tens of millions of people who took to the streets to get him elected then he’ll think we agree with everything he’s doing. Even though our numbers are higher, we have to speak much louder in order to be heard. We don’t get to have private meetings with him, we can’t shoot him an email or a phone call, we haven’t donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign. The tools at our disposal include rallies, protests, mass letter writing to him and newspapers, and other grassroots techniques that he knows about and has promised to listen to. I don’t think I’m being negative; as of now I still have hope that he is going to do the right thing most of the time, but I know that the only way this will happen is if we demand it. The man said it himself during his speech; he basically told us that he is in the most powerful – and the most potentially corrupting – position in the world and the only way he will be able to listen to us is if we scream. Let’s start screaming before it’s too late.


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