I don’t think I have much to say today, but I do want to touch on a couple topics. First of all, I just want to point out how shocked and disgusted I am that so many supposedly liberal minded, progressive people who went out and voted for Barrack Obama to be our next president, also voted for bills making marriage illegal for people who they think aren’t like them. I don’t see how some people can celebrate the fact that we have a black man in office while with the same hand oppress other people because they are ‘different’. I don’t understand how so many people can feel so strongly that two people of the same sex shouldn’t be allowed to get married, while most people do not care that the US is torturing and killing innocent people all around the globe. People watch CEO’s and politicians get rich off of war – off of their tax money – and hardly bat an eyelash, but when two people who live thousands of miles away, who they will probably never even meet, want to express their love for each other, the same people completely lose their minds. People say that if we “allow” gay people to get married, then that will lessen the meaning of heterosexual marriage. None of the people who say this ever really give an explanation on why this is so, maybe because they’re too busy cheating on their spouse, abusing their children or planning their divorce. When my roommates talk about their marriage and how much it means to have it recognized, it gives us something in common; it in no way lessens how I feel about my marriage. When I got a visit at work by a good friend of mine, telling me that she just proposed to her girlfriend, it made me extremely happy; I love having married friends, it takes away that old man feeling I get from being married. However, when my roommates tell me that they aren’t sure whether or not their marriage will be legal anymore, or my friend tells me that her fiancé may get deported because our country won’t recognize their future marriage, it makes my marriage seem meaningless. If I am allowed to get married because I love someone and want to spend the rest of my life with her, but someone who feels the same way is not allowed to, then what does my marriage mean? If my wife is allowed to visit me on my deathbed or in jail, but another couple who have been together for fifty years cannot, then is my marriage even real? This is a human rights issue and it needs to be treated like that. Until we are all equal, those of us who have privilege need to use it to try and destroy the patriarchal, sexist, racist, homophobic structure that we have set up in this supposedly progressive country of ours.

I also want to say that – while an issue of gay marriage is something I think we should be pressuring local and state leaders about – we cannot forget about Barrack Obama. He claimed on national television to be against torture, yet the man who advises him on those issues in a known supporter of all sort of torture. He has a plan to get all our troops out of Iraq, to help them get their country back, while at the same time plans to increase the murders we are committing in Afghanistan (see the same interview). That’s all I have to say right now, but I plan on pointing things like this out in every one of my future blogs. Barrack Obama is better than George W Bush or John McCain, but that doesn’t mean our jobs are done, that doesn’t mean we can put our blinders on and just accept everything that he does. We have an uphill, many faced battle on our hands, but we will win if we fight.

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