I am still not an Obama supporter; if the elections were held again today I still wouldn’t vote for him because I still think he represents the system, which needs to change. I will be listing yet another reason why now is the time – assuming we don’t want the next four years to be very similar to the past eight – to start pressuring Mr. Obama, but there is something I need to talk about first. I am not an idiot; I know that this country is based on racism. The settlers killed anyone who wasn’t like them because they believed they were better than anyone with different colored skin or strange beliefs. There was slavery for a long time, followed by Jim Crow laws, and there still remains a huge amount of unfairness toward non straight, white, males. Almost every war the US has fought in has been based on racism. I even understand that there is a lot more racism alive in the hearts of people (especially older and southern people) than it appears. I knew that when Obama got elected it would upset a great amount of people. What has happened over the past couple weeks has – despite knowing everything mentioned above – truly shocked the living shit out of me. The, not only racism, but violent hatred that has risen to the surface since Mr. Obama has been elected has really made me feel unsafe and has depleted some of the amazing pride I felt two Tuesdays ago. The fact that massive amounts of people – more than 9/11, more than when we invaded Iraq, more than when Bill Clinton was elected – flocked to stores to by guns freaked me out a little bit. I was able to push it to the side though because there wasn’t much (if any) evidence that these people were buying weapons for anything but protection, which we technically still have the right to do. The scattered incidents of extreme racism – the two scariest to me are the school bus full of little children chanting ‘assassinate Obama’ and the store in Maine taking bets as to when the assassination will occur – cannot be rationalized. The things that are going on throughout our ‘progressive’ country, a month and a half from 2009, are sickening. Read the article that I linked to, stop and think about each incident, and then do something. At the very least, forward this article to everyone you know and tell them to do the same. If you want to do something more, it’s easy as well; if you hear anyone even talking about something that could lead to something bigger, do you job and call them out. Things like this – and possibly, probably worse – will continue to happen until the vast majority of people learn that it is not acceptable.

Another item I wanted to talk about is the fact that Joe Lieberman just had his Chairmanship of Homeland Security Committee renewed. Never mind that this guy is only considered a Democrat because he has D next to his name; he is also completely insane when it comes to national security and helped to run a nasty campaign against Barrack Obama and for Republican John McCain. I understand that he cannot be kicked out of the Democratic Party or (even better) the Senate, but there was no need to give him such a powerful position. As this article points out, both Howard Dean and Lieberman himself admit that the reason he was able to retain his Chairmanship was because of the say so of Barrack Obama. It is a problem that Mr. Obama does not have any concerns with Lieberman having so much power, but – as Glen Greenwald makes clear – it is an even bigger problem that the Senate feels like it has to do whatever the president says.

I don’t think it is always necessary to give the opposing point of view on things. For example, if I were to write a blog condemning murder of innocent civilians or torture, I wouldn’t care enough to link to an article or blog by someone who condones this sort of thing. However, concerning the Joe Lieberman/Barrack Obama debacle, Anonymous Liberal makes a good point. Maybe Obama is Abraham Lincoln reincarnated. Probably not.


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