Sometimes I have a hard time understanding liberals. Most everyone on the left will agree that what’s happening in Iraq is wrong, Afghanistan is falling apart, we shouldn’t go into Pakistan, torture is wrong, everyone is equal and so on. I talk to these people and we agree for the most part; I get looks for my criticisms of Obama or for hoping the Empire collapses, but besides that we are almost always in agreement. Then I do something silly and bring up the humanitarian crisis that’s happening in the Middle East. Israel is slowly and methodically starving their neighbors to death. They are blocking all borders; making sure that the Palestinians do not get food, water, gasoline, or medicine. The same people who were almost systematically destroyed sixty-five years ago are turning around and murdering thousands of people per year- including children and many, many innocent civilians. It’s obvious – it’s in the news if you look for it – that Israel has bigger and better weapons, a stronger army, and the backing of the Western world for the most part. A Palestinian child throws a rock and he or she is shot in the head by an adult Israeli in a tank; how is this justified? I try to be nonviolent and think of solutions for the Palestinians; obviously firing shitty little rockets at one of the most armed countries in the world is pretty damn asinine. However, how can a people nonviolently resist when they are running out of food, electricity, and medical supplies? When they are being tortured in front of the world but no one is coming to help? When the world police have just elected a new president who is supposed to restore equality on the world, but then goes and names Rahm Israel Emanuel to his staff and fights for Joe “Kill Everyone Who Looks at Israel Wrong” Lieberman to keep his position as Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security. These people need our help; we need to stop blindly supporting Israel for whatever reason. I am Jewish, my grandparents survived the Holocaust, some in my family didn’t, I understand the reasons behind the state of Israel, but there is no way I can purposely shut my eyes to what’s going on today. If anything, it is people like me who have a responsibility to stop my people from committing genocide on another group of human beings. It’s that time of year when school is getting overwhelming, so I’ll leave it at this.


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