I know it’s Christmas and Hanukah and therefore time to spend money we don’t have, stuff ourselves full of food, and enjoy our families, but there are people (the majority of the world actually) who do not get to do any of this. There are people who earn less in a year than the poorest in the United States earn in a week. There are people who are forced to eat dirt because other, more powerful countries have decided that they are not worthy of actual food. There are people whose families have been killed or taken to secret prisons for doing nothing wrong- all in the name of democracy. We should definitely enjoy this day; we should spend it around family and friends and be thankful that we have them, but we should keep people less fortunate in our minds. If we need something to think about on this holiday, I have a concept to chew on for a little bit. It’s a concept that seems very simple; in fact, you probably already think you have grasped it, but you probably haven’t. Every single person on the face of this earth is a human being and should therefore enjoy certain inalienable rights. What I mean by this is that the life of a USer should not be worth more than the life of an Iraqi. An Israeli child should not get to eat dessert when a Palestinian teenager has not had a full meal in months. To quote Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Think about that simple concept for a couple minutes; if everyone in the world realized that everyone else in the world is a human being, how could there be war? How could there be homelessness? How could there be people starving in a world that has more than enough resources?

It grows clearer and clearer each and every day that the Israelis are committing genocide (a Holocaust perhaps?) on the Palestinian people. There are some bad people in Palestine (like everywhere else). There are people who blow themselves up, there are people who fire rockets at random Israelis, and there are people who call for the death of Israel. This is a small number of the total population of Palestine and yet each and every citizen in the country is being denied food, water, gasoline, and basic healthcare because Israel feels like it, because Israeli people are viewed as more important – more human – than Palestinian people. Chris Hedges wrote a(nother) great blog about what is happening over there. If there are a few bad apples and, instead of doing what we can to get the rest of the population to turn against them we just randomly kill anyone we can, all we are doing is making more enemies. Imagine a Palestinian child with goals and dreams; this child is born and raised in maybe not the best country for these goals and dreams to be recognized. Maybe he is being told left and right that the reason why his country is like this is because of the Israelis and the Americans. If he walks down the streets and sees Israeli tanks (brought to you by the USA) shooting at his family and friends, reads articles about Israeli soldiers killing his schoolmates for throwing rocks, and is literally starving to death because Israel (with the rest of the world lending a hand) is blocking food from entering his country, this kid is probably going to listen to the people telling him or her that (s)he needs to destroy Israel. If, however, this same kid walks down the same streets and sees Israeli soldiers building (with US money) a new school, handing out food in bread lines, and talking to the children who are throwing rocks, maybe he grows up to be different. To me it is common sense; shoot at people and they probably won’t like you, treat them as human beings and try to help them and there’s a chance they won’t try to kill you.

People claim to celebrate Christmas because it is the anniversary of the birthday of Jesus Christ, but do they really believe that Jesus would watch what’s going on now and let it be? Do they believe that Jesus would be a USer who only sees as far as this countries border? I don’t really have much more to say and I know that there probably won’t be more than five people who read this (five people who probably already think this way), but I had to get it off my chest.

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