I have said it before and I will say it again; I am an anti-Zionist Jew. My mother’s side of the family tends to be on the liberal side of things when it comes to most things; until Israel is brought up, then they seem to become blind to the fact that Palestinians are human beings. It’s wrong that we are in Iraq, it’s wrong that innocents are dying in Afghanistan, but the hundreds of Palestinian children and civilians who die every year don’t matter because they threaten the livelihood of Israel. They see some member of Hamas (which actually makes up a very small percentage of the population) fire a rocket into an empty field, hurting no one and they think all Arabs want to kill all Jews. Then when Israel responds by preventing every single resident of the Gaza strip from getting food, water, medical supplies, and gas it’s fine because that’s what Israel needs to do to survive. When more people start joining groups like Hamas, the Israelis point and say, “see; this is why we need to kill them”. They don’t bother to ask why a group who is against the country that is killing their families recruits these starving uneducated children so easily. So, Hamas fires some more rockets; again killing no one and what is Israel’s response? Bomb the living shit out of masses of innocent civilians. Children died? Innocent civilians died? So what?

“Israeli intelligence reported 225 people dead, mostly Hamas military leaders with some functionaries, besides, and perhaps 400 wounded. The Palestinians announced 300 dead, probably as a reflex in order to begin their whining about disproportionate Israeli acts of war. And 600 wounded.”

Those whining Palestinians; how dare they complain when another, way more powerful country randomly kills between 225 and 300 of their people? I understand the need for a Jewish state. I think Palestinians firing rockets at innocent civilians is wrong. I’m convinced that Palestinians blowing themselves up among groups of innocent civilians is wrong, but systematically torturing and killing an entire country is not a correct response. I think 9/11 (assuming it transpired as the government tell us it did) was a horrible, horrible act. I was within eyesight of the towers as they fell, a neighbor died, dozens of people I know had their lives turned upside down, I couldn’t sleep through the night for almost a year. However, I do not think that killing over a million innocent Afghans and Iraqis is the proper response to something like that. Why are people – especially people who have seen six million of their brothers and sisters wiped out – so blind to see the humanity of brown people? Why can’t people see past the present and acknowledge the reasons as to why this is happening? Did the Palestinians just wake up in the morning and decide to hate the entire country of Israel? Do Palestinian kids think, “man, I would really like to go to college and become a lawyer or doctor, but I think I’d rather blow myself in a crowded market”? Do Zionists and other blind supporters of Israel think that the blame is 100 percent on the side of the Arabs?

Like I said above (and before) I understand the need for a Jewish state; the Jewish Holocaust was a horrible thing that we – as a world – can never allow to happen again, but we can’t prevent one genocide by committing another. Most of the world (in fact, most of the population of even this country- including Jews) wants this one-sided bombardment to end. Even the countries – like Egypt and Jordan – who are strongly against Hamas, are condemning these attacks as barbaric. I’m sure there are some Palestinians who are bad, I’m sure there are some who want nothing more than to see the complete and utter destruction of the state of Israel, but so what? Does every single human fucking being living in Palestine have to live a life of fear and suffering because of this? What’s going to happen when – and the time is coming – the United States doesn’t weld the power that it does now? What’s going to happen when countries like Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela become as powerful as the US? Israel is making a lot of enemies right now; enemies that – no matter what any Zionist says – would not be enemies if their families and friends weren’t getting blown up and humiliated on a daily basis. Aren’t we learning anything from the war on terror? Killing innocent civilians en masse does not make friends.


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