I read yesterday that Israel has announced a “cease-fire” in Gaza (and then today that Gaza has agreed), whatever that means. I suppose it means that the denial of food, water, and medical supplies will continue. I’m pretty sure it means that Palestinians will still be harassed every time they want to cross the border into Israel, even if it’s to work or go to a hospital. I can almost guarantee that it doesn’t mean Palestine will get any land back. It is also the perfect excuse for the media to move on to the next exciting subject; as long as the Israeli Defense Force (what a great name) isn’t overtly killing dozens of children a day, the majority of people are willing to accept almost anything.

Just because we aren’t going to be seeing as much about what is happening does not mean that things are not going down. It does not mean that the genocide is not ongoing; dropping bombs and shooting schools is not the only way to kill people. The people of Palestine are still starving, the hospitals are still overwhelmed, and the schools in Gaza are all pretty much ruined. Yet, Ehud Olmert still has the audacity to go on television and say,

“we have reached all the goals of the war, and beyond.”

That is some sick shit, spoken like a true madman. That sounds like something Hitler would have said, after sending another train full of people into the chambers. I’m a little confused as to what happened? Is Hamas no longer in existence? Have their numbers decreased? Is Israel now living in complete safety? Does the entire world now love and sympathize with all Jews? The only thing I noticed for the 22 days of this shelling were lots and lots of dead people- including way too many women and children. If that is reaching one’s goals – and beyond – then something is seriously wrong here.

Israel has one week to leave the strip – this is something that both Israel and Hamas have agreed on – but will they really leave? Eventually, someone from Gaza is going to get so fed up by the way he and his brothers and sisters have to live, that they will fire a rocket into an abandoned field in Israel, and then it’s back on. I have heard so many people use the analogy of – “If Canada was shooting rockets into Maine” or “if Cuba was shooting rockets into Miami, the United States would do the same thing”, as if it’s that simple. As if Israeli’s just go through life minding their own business, not harming a fly and then those crazy brown people – due to their hatred of all things Jewish – start firing rockets at them. Now, poor Israel has no chance but to respond with the destruction of an entire people. Randal Kuhn has used his words better than I can use mine, so I suggest reading that.

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