Recently there has been some anger directed at me (I guess I shouldn’t say recently, since it’s most of the time) because of my dislike for hope. I’ll say something about hope that I heard from Derrick Jensen- he said that hope is something you have when you are in a position where the end result is out of your control. For example, when you get on a plane, you hope that it reaches its destination, but when you’re hungry (and have food) you don’t hope that you’ll eat, you eat. I get aggravated by the fact that people hope Barrack Obama will save the world, and I get almost as aggravated by the fact that the good things he has done already (i.e. his order to “close” Guantanamo) has blinded people from other things.

I’m going to keep it short today- people are dying and living in misery all over the world. I’m not saying that any of it is Obama’s fault or that we need to pressure him to end all suffering, because that is just unrealistic. What I’m saying is that we should look at the death and suffering that is taking place because of the hegemonic policies of the United States- policies that are being continued under the Obama administration. As I said, it’s a great step to promise to close down Guantanamo within the next year, but what does that even mean? What will happen to the people who have been locked up for five or six years with no charges; the people who have been tortured day in and day out, but have done nothing wrong other than being born the wrong color in the wrong hemisphere? Will closing down Guantanamo give these people their lives back? Will it end the wars that are being waged in our names? Does anyone even remember that our country is involved in multiple wars anymore? Does anyone stop to think that each and every day people are dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, and dozens of other places, because of policies that are being carried out with our money?

Many people voted for Obama because he was the anti-war candidate, but this was based on nothing. This man constantly voted for funding the war in Iraq and never said he would even make an attempt to end the war in Afghanistan. Now, this anti-war fellow is officially the leader of the world- record amounts of people braved the freezing cold of Washington DC to watch him be inaugurated, while hundreds of millions (if not billions) of people throughout the world watched hopefully on TV. It has been less than a week, yet he has already committed war crimes. I’m not even talking about the fact that there is a US backed illegal occupation happening in Gaza (despite the ceasefire) or that genocide is still being waged in Iraq. Obama is sticking firm to his promise to increase the troop level in Afghanistan and officially killed his first civilians as leader of the world. Innocent people have officially died because of orders that were given by President Barrack Obama- enough said.

Although this is all upsetting, I’m obviously not surprised that Obama has criminalized himself already. I have already accepted the fact that politicians are corrupt and that Barrack Obama – while perhaps better than most mainstream politicians – is nonetheless a politician. In order to become president of one of the most corrupt empires of all time, one has to be somewhat criminal. What bothers me the most is the lack of people on the street; where have all the people gone who were so active in the year leading up to the election? I believe that now is the time for pressure and protest- instead of thinking we have a reasonable president and should therefore take a nap for four years, we have to think that since we have a reasonable president we should be doing everything we can to get his ear. Again, human beings are dying each and every day because of policies passed in our name, with weapons paid for by our tax dollars and it’s not gong to end through hope- it’s going to end when we the people end it.

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