You know how sometimes you’ll go to school or work – just like a normal day – and be in the middle of doing whatever it is you do, when suddenly you realize that you have a very important meeting or that you left the stove on at home? A number of times in the past few months I have had that kind of moment- only it doesn’t involve the stove or a meeting. I’ll be reading an article about Palestinians or how great Obama is, or I’ll be walking to school thinking about what a beautiful world it is, when suddenly I remember that my country is involved in (at least) two illegal occupations. I begin to think about Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, H Clinton, Obama, Biden, Gonzalez and I wonder if they’re getting nervous or they feel bad. I think about Rupert Murdock and all the other newspaper and TV station owners and wonder if they can sleep at night while knowingly depriving the USian public any facts as to what is happening in the Middle East (or the rest of the world, really). Our country, using our tax dollars and smearing our good names, has tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters thousands of miles away, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and destroying entire countries. All so a few (less than .1% of the world’s population) can make a few billion extra dollars. All so a small percentage of a country that makes up a small percentage of the world’s population can feel safe. Our economy is in the shitter, our education system is getting worse and worse, the middle class is quickly going the way of the dinosaur, and tens of millions of children don’t have healthcare. A great number of USers have convinced themselves that Barrack Obama is going to change all of this- he’s going to wave his little magic wand, or whatever it is he uses to make change, and end all these problems. We are spending a few hundred billion dollars on defense- and that doesn’t even include the money we spend in Iraq and Afghanistan or the money we give to puppet governments (and there are dozens and dozens of them). Where does this money go? The majority of it goes in the pockets of the CEO’s and stockholders at Lockheed-Martin, Halliburton, Bektel and all the other corporations making money off of genocide. Imagine we took just some of these trillions of dollars, combined it with the trillions of dollars we are constantly giving to the rich bankers and investors, and used it for something else. Imagine that, instead of having blind hope in the war criminal/ally of the rich/president, we forced him to give this money back to the people. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, stop giving billions of dollars to the Israeli Defense Force, stop giving trillions of dollars to Wall St, and instead give the money to the people. Pay teachers a fair salary, put more money into school in poor districts, pay off people’s debts, give sick people free health care, give poor people a free college education; the list of sensible, fair ways to spend our tax dollars can go on forever, but who is listening?

Something I’ve talked about in previous posts is human beings and their insane obedience- see the Holocaust, the Bush presidency, the bailout… We are brought up depending on our parents; we must listen to whatever they say and do whatever we can to maintain their love, because we rely on them for food, shelter, and the likes. Most parents abuse this power (since their parents abused it and so on) and so we are brought up blindly following their authority. This continues when we have teachers, when we deal with the police, when we vote for and then ignore our elected representatives, and so on. Read Alice Miller, click on the above link and read some of Arthur Silber’s recent posts on tribalism. Fuck it, here are some more links.


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