I want to be quick today; I woke up this morning very excited that pitchers and catchers are reporting. I’m not as into baseball (or sports in general) as I was when I was younger, but to me this is the official homestretch of winter. I hadn’t read any articles in the past two days – although I had heard rumblings about the stimulus plan and the Israeli elections – so I haven’t been to cynical. Then I began reading again; there are some times when being right feels really good, and other times – like now – where being right is a bad thing. I have been saying for around a year now that people are going to be disappointed with Obama, that he is not as left-wing as the media is making him out to be, he is not going to save the world, and that in order to reach the level of even being considered for President of the United States, there has to be some kind of corruption and love of our broken, unfair system. Some people agreed with me, a couple even changed their minds, but the vast majority was blinded by hope. I was a huge fan of Glenn Greenwald leading up to the election, until he started fondling the balls of Mr. Obama. Now, even Greenwald has realized that Obama is nowhere near the person people were making him out to be. He may seem left-wing because of the beast we had in office for the past eight years, but in reality he is center/right. He goes to court to help Bush officials, he passes stimulus bills that – again – will only help the super rich, he is beginning to go back on his word about ending the war in 16 months, and he publicly threatened perhaps our biggest ally. Chris Floyd blames Obama while Greenwald (fairly I believe) points his finger at Obama’s supporters. Obama needs to be forced to act in our interests (as hundreds of people have said millions of times) and the people who need to force him are asleep at the wheel. There are the people who voted for him and are now blind to everything he is doing, there are the people who voted for him and then decided to go back to sleep (they are probably disappointed in what is happening, but they figure they’ll get the opportunity to make their voices hear in four years, at the next big election), and there are the people who see that Obama is doing things that go against their beliefs, but instead of working hard to make sure the president hears them, they are changing their beliefs to align more with their leader. I don’t know what it’s going to take for a few million people to take to the streets and demand real change, but I have a feeling that the time isn’t too far off.

Why do I have this feeling? Despite popular opinion, the US is not the only place on earth, and we certainly aren’t the only place on earth feeling an economic down crunch. Our friends across the Atlantic – from England to France to Poland to countries that I can’t pronounce or spell – are all suffering like us- and worse. The difference in how they respond is truly astonishing; while we complain to our friends over beer, have pointless rallies, and write letters- they take to the streets! Read the article I just linked to, send it to as many people as you can, and let’s get this goddamned revolution started!

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