My style has changed since I first started writing these blogs a year and a half ago. I have been waking up early and reading a number of different blogs and newspapers for a few years now; I used to send articles that I thought were important to a select number of people. As that group began to get larger, I decided to write something about the news I was ingesting, giving brief summaries that appeared on one page, so people could choose what to read. I would give links to the articles, while at the same time letting the reader know a little about what I thought. Slowly, my opinion started to take up more words, while talking about specific articles began to take up less. While doing things that way was more fun, it was also more work and possibly the reason why I discontinued it. I have wanted to start writing again for a little while now, but have been too lazy to think of my own ideas. Therefore, I have decided to try going back to the way things were.

I have heard and read snippets about the “C Street House” for a couple days now and I have to say that I don’t really give a shit. This will just be a tool for the left side of the Republicrat party to use, in order to convince the public that they are different than the right side of the same party. If we could just think for ourselves, we would see that this house is not in existence because the “Republican party” is crazy, but because politics and organized religion (and especially the mixing of the two) are inherently corrupt.

I read Chris-Floyd’s blog on this house, but I don’t want to dwell on the actual conspiracy. Instead, I want to talk briefly about something that Floyd brought up; the fact that a lot of people in this house have gotten in trouble for sexual misconduct. I do think it’s funny that politicians who publicly speak out against gay people are the ones who end up being gay, and that the religious zealots who focus on family values are – more often than not – banging someone 20 years their junior, behind the backs of their wives. However, I think this is a huge distraction. The media jumps all over these things- former presidents getting head from their interns, Representatives soliciting gay sex in public bathrooms, and Senators (or was it a governor) who run off with their mistress and disappear for a few days. These are definitely all things that most people would agree are morally wrong, but have nothing to do with public policy. George Bush is responsible for millions of deaths, Dick Cheney devised all sorts of secret plans that costs numerous lives, Barrack Obama sends robots into foreign countries to kill entire villages, and only a select few give a shit. It would be too much work to convene juries and hire special prosecutors to look into these acts of genocide, but let it come out that any of these three men had a homosexual experience in college or cheated on their wives with a younger women and I bet people would be leaping out of their seats calling for impeachments and beheadings. How long can this country survive when members of the news media – the people around for the sole purpose of keeping the people in power honest – are dumbing down their reports? I have asked this question in the past, but is the media making the population dumber by the day or are they (the media) just feeding the already dumbed down population all that they can handle?

Finally, I have been reading Distant Ocean for a few weeks now and, although the writings are very short, I have become addicted. Today, it talks about our economic situation. I can tell you from personal experience that more and more people are losing their jobs, getting their hours cut, and falling behind on their mortgages. The unemployment rate is the highest it has been in a long time, the amount of empty property in NYC is passing the rates of the 1980’s, and the amount of intersections (in perfect little Boulder, Colorado anyway) that feature beggars is literally growing by the day. This is nothing new- this was the problem six months ago, when our new Commander-in-Queef decided to bail out the already rich bankers with a few billion dollars. Now, here I am reading about the record breaking profits these banks are making and the bonuses these already rich executives are bringing home, and I’m trying to figure out how and where this is trickling down to Main Street. Unemployment is going up every month, the amount of foreclosed houses are not leveling off, and stores are still shutting down by the minute. Again, we seem to find a way to ignore this (maybe because the mainstream “news” channels refuse to devote much time to coverage) while getting worked up about dog owners not picking up their poop.


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