Usually when writing this blog I reference a couple or few other blogs and/or articles that have formed part or all of my opinion on whatever the day’s topic is. I also post the articles – and more – on Facebook, sometimes with a little comment. As I have done in here in the past, I often use the term Obusha when talking about our president, Barrack Obama. Whenever I get into the habit of doing this, people tend to ask me why, most of them with angry looks in their eyes. Although it is much more complicated than this, the main reason I use this term is to get people angry. The people who were in the streets demanding Bush be ousted are often the same people who sit casually by as Obama commits genocide in the Middle East or OK’s torture. I am anti-war; I think one life taken for any grounds – especially monetary reasons – is completely unacceptable. I would not care if Obama was perfect in every other category (which he is not), as long as he is making decisions that are costing hundreds of lives per week, the fact that he is better than Bush does not allow me to sleep any easier at night.

I believe that during the Obama presidency I may get to see a doctor when I’m sick, gay people will probably get more and more rights (although, not necessarily with the help of Obama) and marijuana will get into the hands of sick people with no legal consequences. These things (and, I’m sure, more) are great, but there are also domestic policies that are completely unacceptable. I won’t go into too much detail since I don’t have an editor today, but I’ll refer you to Chris Floyd, who has written about Obama’s appointments for various US diplomat positions. While it has always been that case that those who end up as diplomats often end up in those positions because of the amount of money they donated to a campaign, Obama is being very unwise in his decisions. He has promised dozens – if not hundreds – of times, to be transparent. Appointing a Goldman Sachs executive to a position he has no experience in and then pressuring the German’s (who were refusing to accept him) into acquiescence sounds like something our former president would have done.

My other example is something that appeared in The Distant Ocean yesterday; again, I’ll let a real writer explain things better, but the premise of the blog is that Obama is strengthening law enforcement’s ability to racially profile. I’m not pointing this out because Obama is black (although I think that does make it worse), but because he is supposed to be this great liberal; this freer of all people. When Bush did things like this people were up in arms, but when it’s prince Obama, not many people seem to do anything.

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