Normally when reading the NY Times, I get aggravated at the sight of a many-paged article. The writers for the Times babble these days. Today, taking three or four pages to say what – in my opinion – could be accomplished in half that. Such was the case today, when I opened this article (an article I wanted to read as soon as I read the title “Suicide’s Rising Toll: After Combat, Victims of an Inner War”) and saw that it was six pages; however, after reading the first half page I was moved almost to tears, and therefore had to continue. At this point, having just finished said piece, I am beyond words. The fact that our brothers and sisters are all over this globe, needlessly killing people, ruining lives, and destroying themselves, doesn’t seem to permeate anyone’s daily thoughts. We see the number of people dying because of the Iraq/AfPak war every day, but how much is it penetrating the average citizens daily thoughts? We are brainwashed into not thinking about any of this stuff, only about what effects us. We are told that we have to be at war in order to protect ourselves and most of us do think about it beyond that point. We turn on the TV and its filled with brain dead people hosting their own reality shows, sporting events, and local 24-hour news channels telling us that what’s going on is needed and we shouldn’t question anything our commanders tell us. Literally millions (and I wouldn’t be surprised if the number was in the billions) of lives have been ruined or otherwise deeply affected by just the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thousands of US and “Ally” soldiers have died, thousands more have committed suicide, and millions of Iraqis and Afghans (and now Pakistanis) have been killed. Now consider the fact that many or most of these dead people had friends, husbands, wives, children, parents, neighbors, co-workers, and spouses whose lives are all deeply effected. If we can find a way to push aside all the internal walls that this society forces us to build and actually feel what is happening, change – real change, not Obama change – will happen almost immediately.

Another collateral effect of the vast USian majority not paying attention or feeling any of this, is that a select group of people (mostly old, white, males with Satanic tendencies) are making a shit load of money. There was a month or two where many people – even some mainstream reporters – were all up in arms about the fact that companies like KBR and Blackwater were making billions of dollars from no-bid contracts and were allowed to wander the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan with immunity; killing, raping, and doing whatever the hell else they wanted. The great changer, Mr. Obama put an end to this- KBR and Blackwater are getting the boot, being kicked out of our major war zones. (I’m not sure about the other few dozen mini-wars that we’re involved in!) This is good news, a positive step, unless you keep reading. If you do that, you see that these two companies are being replaced with two more, identical corporations who supply everything that the military used to, including trained killers.

How do we stop all of this? We replaced Bush with Obama, Iraq with Afghanistan, Guantanamo with Bagram, and yet the same shit is still going on. We cannot make this change from the top down; any person whose goal it is to become president has something wrong with them. Anyone who actually makes to the level of supreme leader of the world, has to be – per job description – legally insane. The only way to make this change is from the bottom up; if no one signed up for the military and the people who are already a part of it refused to fight, there would be no more of this. If the people applying for jobs at KBR or one of these new companies opened their eyes, their hearts, and allowed some truth to enter in, maybe these companies would collapse. On a bigger scale, the citizens of other countries have to make sure the US gets no support. This article – to paraphrase – discusses the fact that the UK is the slave of the US. If citizens of the UK somehow assured that the US would not be supported by their fighters, and other countries did the same, what would happen?


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