When I used to write a blog a day I wrote a lot about our lord and savior, Barrack Obama. I was critical, mainly because he is a politician who is now President. One doesn’t get to be president – hell, one doesn’t even get to run for president – without leading a corrupt life. I would write about how Mr. Obama may be “better” than George Bush in some small ways, but the facts remain that he will still be responsible for killing innocent people, bombing entire villages, stripping human’s of their rights, and a long list of other inhuman actions. When I said these things, three types of people responded. First and smallest were the people who agreed with me- they knew (and know) that the problem isn’t with who is president, the problem is that we have a president in the first place. Secondly, I was approached by Republicans who told me I was dead on, but would also add weird statements about Obama being a Muslim or not having a birth certificate (these people I ignored). Finally, there were the Obama supporters, the people who were hardcore activists during the Bush years but were suddenly able to turn a blind eye to everything. These people were very angry at me; telling me that Obama is a human too and that he’s going to change the world as long as we pressure him enough. When I started pointing out genocides that he was continuing or the people that he was filling his cabinets with, I was told that he needs some leeway before we start pressuring him. Now, it’s two years later and some of those people are finally starting to come around.

There are two interesting articles about Mr. Obama that I read today. The first is this, which gives a pretty good view into what life is like for the “professional left”. Obama was all about the people; in fact, there were meetings at the White House between important staff members and left leaning organizations and non-profits. Unfortunately, these meetings were dictated by the White House; staff would tell the representatives to coach the supposed activist groups and have them back off issue A, or stop talking about a certain part of issue B, and way more often than not, the activist groups listened. Is this really what people thought of as pressuring the president?

The second article is about the good war in Afghanistan; as of the last US Soldier killed, the same amount of troops have died in the less than two years Obama has been president as died during the eight years of Bush. That is five hundred and seventy five human beings (I’m not even counting the thousands of innocent Afghans) who are no longer breathing because Obama is a war monger. That is 575 families that have huge gaps in their lives; hundreds of children who won’t have a mother or father, thousands of parents who outlived their children, hundreds of spouses who had their other half stolen from them for a useless war. That’s a countless amount of friends, co-workers, neighbors and the like who will have trouble sleeping at night and will always have a hole inside of them. This blood is on Obama’s hands and no amount of pressure or sign holding is going to change who he is. If we were to rebel and oust Obama, the person who takes over will have the same amount of blood on her or his hands.

I’m glad that people are finally starting to wake up, but what does it mean? It means that the Republicans will get more supporters and Democrats will vote for a third party or not at all, and in 2012 a Sara Palin or Newt Gingrich will be in charge of the Empire. The left will come back alive – organizing protests and rallies, telling us how much we need a Democrat in office again, and fleeing the country – and fight to get another Democrat elected in 2016 or 2020. The cycle will continue forever unless people can see beyond government; for the 1,000,000th time, why do we need so many people to represent us? Even if we believe that we are too big of a country (or too stupid of one) to represent ourselves, does anyone really believe that the people in charge of making decisions for us are actually making the decisions that we want? Fuck getting a bigger majority in Congress, stop trying to get a liberal in the White House; make it so a centralized government (and eventually all government) is something that our grandchildren study in elementary school history class.

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